Whether you’re expecting a baby or you’ve just given birth, you’ll be seeing a lot more of toys in the coming months. Gifts from friends and family will come flooding in, and you might find yourself unable to resist treating your little bundle of joy as well! So what kind of toys are suitable for newborns?

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Well, baby soft toys are a good option, as your baby can play with and cuddle them safely.  After all, don’t we all have fond memories of our first cuddly toy? You may still even have yours! Here are our favorites, sure to be loved by your child for years to come.

Theo the Tiger

From renowned brand Franck & Fischer comes the adorable Theo the Tiger. Hand crocheted using 100% certified organic cotton yarn, this cuddly chap will make the perfect cuddling partner for your little one. Toys with contrasting colors also aid your little one’s visual development, so the bright yellow adorned with bold black stripes is perfect. We love Theo, and we think that he’ll become a firm favorite in your home too.

Cowboy Doll

For the special little boy in your life, Alimrose Design’s Cowboy Doll is the perfect companion. From the trademark hat and neck tie all the way down to a pair of little cowboy boots, this little chap is certainly dressed for the part. Soft enough for cuddles but durable enough to withstand some Wild-West play when your baby gets a little older, he’s all your baby needs to have fun and help their imagination develop.

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Sophia La Giraffe Teething Ring

Teething is never a fun time for a baby, so why not make it a little bit more bearable? The Sophie La Giraffe teething ring is the perfect toy for little ones with sore gums. Made from 100% pure organic rubber, the ring is the perfect size for your baby to hold onto while they chew. This toy comes in classic white, so it doesn’t matter if your baby is a boy or a girl – it’ll sit perfectly alongside all of their other toys.

Audrey Doll

If your little girl is as cute as a button, then the Audrey Doll will be her best friend. This soft little doll from Alimrose Designs is dressed to the nines, with her floral dress and super stylish matching shoes. Her hair is styled in cute little bunches to complete the look. We’re sure that she will remain by your little girl’s side throughout her childhood and beyond, and become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

There’s more to toys than meets the eye

Toys aren’t just there for your child to have fun with – they’re there to aid their development too. As your child grows, their capacity to learn from their toys will as well.

All of a sudden you’ll find that their beloved teddy bear has acquired a name and personality all of their own; this is down to your child developing their social and imaginative skills.

Toys are a great way of expanding a baby’s knowledge and developing their own abilities. So don’t worry about spoiling them – if you buy them the right kind of toys now, you’ll be helping them to develop vital skills for the future.

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