Solar systems especially solar-powered lights provide unmatched efficiency, convenience and reliability. The latest trend of using solar bulbs which is powered by solar energy consists of photovoltaic solar panel, light-emitting diode and rechargeable batteries. During the daytime, sunlight gets transformed into electrical energy by the solar panel and is stored in the rechargeable batteries. This gets powered by the stored energy at night, and helps the solar bulbs turn on automatically for illumination. The efficiency of the solar panel and the capacity of the batteries determine the working hours of the solar lights at night. Not only do they provide abundant light in the day, but the best part is that the heat of the sunlight is not allowed to penetrate inside the house.

How do solar-powered bulbs benefit the homeowners?

1. They increase energy-efficiency

The standard halogen lights turn 90 percent of the used electricity into heat. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps have brought some improvements. However, solar lamps use LED lighting that provide up to 80 percent of illumination and very little energy loss as heat. This makes them not only energy-efficient but exceptionally cost-effective. Some of the bulbs when used with a Low Voltage LED Driver significantly produce more light output.

2. They live longer

Solar lamps have an outstanding operational life span. As they’re different from the standard lights, they don’t burn out and stop functioning so quickly. Leaving a solar fixture on for 8 hours per day would take around 20 years before you’d have to replace the bulb. Moreover, these lights can withstand vibrations, shocks and other external impacts.

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3. They are eco-friendly

Solar bulbs are free of toxic materials and are 100 percent recyclable. They help to minimize carbon footprints and also prevent the emission of harmful UV rays. If you install a solar light, it will emit less than 68 percent of carbon dioxide compared to a 40W incandescent light operating less than 10 hours per day.

4. They improve life in the rural areas

Smoke from kerosene lamps, especially in poorly ventilated rural houses, is a serious threat to the health of the dwellers. However, the use of solar powered lighting system has significantly improved the quality of their health. Moreover, solar lighting has played a role in improving the quality of life among the underprivileged.

Solar lights are safe to handle even during its installation and have become a desirable lighting choice in most of the houses. Even the issue concerning the color degradation has been solved in recent times. Now, they are capable of producing the same soft and bright white light just like the regular standard bulbs.

No doubt, big lighting companies are therefore putting money and energy into the research and development of more solar-powered bulbs.

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