The only source of knowledge is experience. ~ Albert Einstein

Some people gain so much “knowledge,” but yet, tend to complain about how stupid or ignorant humanity is. But you have forgotten, you’re part of humanity and you’re the one complaining—I see you complaining about a moment, where nothing else exists but your complaint… how much better can you actually be? That knowledge you previous grasped was never yours; thus, you did not understand it, which it is only information.

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Can words be aware of themselves? The idea of this question is puzzling (or maybe not) because it requires us to think for a moment and expound on several ideas; connected to the question. If we can agree that everything emanates from a primary source, and us as being collective beings feeding off one another; then, words can be the same. Words are neutral, and they help us to tap into our inherent imagination for a possible meaning, a picture of some sort. Expert listeners are able to see beyond the words one uses, because expert listeners have an elevated inherent imagination and a better understanding of themselves.

Information can be considered food for the soul, rather its junk food or healthy food, and as we know, the outcomes are different. Healthy food, or healthy information breeds knowledge. What’s amazing to me is that two different people can intake the same information, but only one has bred knowledge. So, what happened? One possible answer could point to the imagination as it could not find any relevancy in its inherent structure, for breeding knowledge. So, the outcome is an inflated ego and this can happen to the very best of us. Although you are allowed to read something, a holy book or sacred text’s, does not take away that it is still sacred. Something sacred is a love within oneself which questions if you are ready for a certain knowledge. And, if you are not ready; it dismisses you and in return you receive an elevated ego, and in its parable—it is a disease. You may have noticed I’m using the word “you” quite a bit, but this is for all of us, and myself included.

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What I am trying to explain here is the process of in-taking information, which operates like a task manager of a computer—it’s hidden behind the scenes. To better explain this, imagine someone keeps stuffing their mouths with more and more food—eventually they will choke. Not only will they choke, but their digestive system will not process all of the food properly. To avoid this, one must chew their food slowly. The food may taste really good, and we don’t want the taste to leave our taste buds, so we eat fast till we are terribly full. However, as mentioned, we must in-take information and really understand that information in order for it to breed knowledge.

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The ledge in knowledge can mean several things, but the most effective is what we can relate to. It may appear that one has knowledge, and they may feel this way too; however, I’ve noticed that it only helped them to have better arguments—ego inflated. Knowledge is not entirely for the ego, but rather for soul growth. If we are thinking of ourselves as better than others, with our knowledge, that knowledge degrades because the ego is the thing highly empowered—its like a pendulum or a teeter totter

Do you think its better when a pendulum or a teeter totter is balanced? With a teeter totter, one does not outweigh the other, like a balanced relationship. With a balanced relationship, we are able to see the full scope of the relationship and what its really capable of. No matter who we are in a relationship with, it always comes back to the relationship with ourselves, and can we say that we are balanced? With a balanced pendulum we are able to see that neither side takes any extra weight. So, is the outcome of knowledge to make us weightless? If being weightless helps us to have pure happier lives; then should the answer be yes?

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Knowledge or knowing the ledge asks us to come to a stopping point at times, because at certain times we could fall. Every-time we fall, we are biting the apple which leads us to destruction but even in that we can find other types of information to give birth to—this is where the ego is more useful for us, to consciously fall off of the ledge. For those of you who do not know how I am using the term ego—it is being used as simply an inferior personality, a shadow to your higher self, better self or better half.

If someone were to fall off of a ledge; physically, what do you think would go through their minds while falling? Adrenaline activates, scared, thinking, regrets etc. On the other side of this ledge physicality, one falls into destructive behavior’s due to their information; previously knowledge, as they are falling.

I can go on and on about this, so if you would like to take this conversation further, feel free to comment below.

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