Tucked away in the far northern region of India, Srinagar is a city which intrigues the minds of every avid traveler. The city is a historically rich city with numerous sites and also an epitome of natural beauty. This article talks of the various things to see during your trip to the city.

Dubbed as the “Switzerland of India”, Srinagar is known as the perfect summer destination in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The city is not as troubled as the news portrays it and a visit to this beautiful place is perfectly safe. Srinagar is a destination that can be visited for many occasions. The Srinagar tour packages have their holiday packages based on everything from honeymoon, weekend getaways, pilgrimage and heritage packages. Summers are the main seasons when the city sees a huge number of visitors, however the snowy snow clad winters also manage to draw a good crowd for those fascinated by snow.

One of Srinagar’s biggest attractions to the city are the gardens around the city. Srinagar’s broad, very much manicured gardens go back to the Mughal period. They’re rich with splendid sprouts and dazzling vistas. Begin with Shalimar Bagh, which Mughal Emperor Jehangir worked for his wife in 1619. Next, visit Nishat Mughal (Garden of Gladness), which outskirts Dal Lake. It was developed in 1634 after Shah Jahan turned into the Emperor of India. Head to Pari Mahal for spectacular dusk sees over Dal Lake and Srinagar. In transit you’ll pass the Botanical Garden, where the acclaimed Tulip Festival is held each April, and Chashme Shahi Gardens. The greenhouses all have a 10 rupee ticket system. On the off chance that you need a more peaceful ordeal, it’s best to abstain from going there on Sundays. Likewise not to be missed is the lesser-known and more serene Badamwari Garden, especially amid Spring (mid March onwards) when its almond trees are in full blossom.

Another highlight to visiting Srinagar is the trekking scene. Investing energy in its interconnected lakes – Dal Lake, and the littler and calmer Nigeen Lake, a trek up the beautiful high peaks guarantee you a picturesque view of the whole landscape and the surrounding lakes. More than 1,000 houseboats skim upon these lakes. They initially showed up in frontier times as the British weren’t permitted to possess land. The houseboats are stationary however it’s still a rare ordeal to spend a night or two on one. See these Tips for Choosing the Best Srinagar Houseboat. You can likewise begin the day by enlisting a shikara (little skiff) and investigating life on Dal and Nageen lakes. There are shikara remains at different spots in Srinagar.

2016-06-12If you visit the older part of the city, you will find many of the historical places to visit in Srinagar tucked away in that part of the city which is today, sadly, rarely visited by most of the people who venture into this landmark city.

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