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There is a growing consensus amongst the spiritual and esoteric realm that besides the natal chart and practical astrology, standard astrology practice can also provide the key to help us grow and heal.

So how do we get to this point and what do we do about it?

If you can think of each one of us as our own engine, our Natal birth chart is the Haynes manual guide to fixing our engine and maintaining our car.

So rather than us trying to figure everything out by ourselves, we may be better to read the instructions and I understand our own manual, how to live and how to be.


Standard Astrology

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So much of astrology that is accepted by the populace people would be the horoscopes that people see in magazines newspapers. They talk about the sun signs primarily.

Some people have some understanding of Mercury retrograde.  And people know that Venus and Mars are a thing.

And Today I want to talk about Chiron.

Chiron is a moon the orbits Saturn. In astrological terms, it is known as the wound or knot that we have to work on or healing this lifetime.  It takes approximately seven years for Chiron to transit from one astrological sign to the next, and for that reason alone it is somewhat generational.  

So often people in a similar age group will be working through the same challenge. Obviously, all aspects are very different depending on the individual person, as well as house placement.

Chiron tells us of an area that we are sensitive to or subconsciously reactive to.  It’s an area of my life that hurts us or triggers some kind of instinctive reaction. Almost like touching something that is too hot. It is our instinct to pull away because it hurts.  We react to that hurt and we learn a lesson.  

However, with Chiron, the lesson is not always so apparent.  The lesson also varies among individual people. This is depending on the sign which Chiron resides (this would be the generational park), the house in which Chiron lives in the individual birth chart (this is on a per-person basis) and also the individual aspects to that person’s Chiron (these would be the aspects to the chart in a person sign)

In my own investigative research, what seems to be clear is that Chiron is not only the wound that needs healing, on the knot that we have to untie, but it also is the medicine.  We often can see how to treat this pain when we see it manifesting other people that have the same Chiron as us, or we see how to heal people in relation to the sign which Chiron resigns.  For example, if we have a Chiron in Gemini, we know the strength of mind and knowledge that other people have, even if they think they’re not that smart.

The medicine is so clearly obvious to us when we see it in others, yet, by taking our own medicine and advice can be a somewhat difficult process, especially if you have a sign like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius where things seem to move somewhat slower.

I know from personal experience that working with Chiron Is an incredibly enriching process.  

The planet Saturn in which Chiron orbits, provides us with the real work that we need to do on ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves, face our fears and see who we really are.

And so, Chiron also needs us to work through the wounds. To do the hard work. So, we can see how long ago it was caused, how we hurt and how we react.  This is greater understanding all help us resolve into better beings don’t know how we’re being triggered I know that we don’t need to own that pain anymore.

Terry O’Connor is a writer at Astrology42.com

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