Maternity and newborn care is the first driver of hospital charges in the United States. According to data collected by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality about $100 billion a year is spent on hospital costs associated with pregnancy and care for the infants.

However, a great majority of the costs which are associated with pregnancy complications such as pre-term labor, C-section, and many other problems could be easily avoided by early intervention. In most cases, severe problems occur when pregnant women overlook some changes that are taking place in their bodies.

Since we live in an era of technology, and we have an app for everything; weather, calories, exercise, weight loss, and there is even an app that notifies you to drink a glass of water, then why wouldn’t we have a pregnancy app? Yes, there are various pregnancy apps out there, but they don’t usually offer a quality and versatile content that allows you to track your baby’s development from conception to labor and beyond. On the other hand, Baby Steps can easily do that and is a perfect tool for all pregnant women out there who want to stay healthy and safe throughout their pregnancy.

A busy way of life often prevents mothers to consult their health care providers for information they need about pregnancy. This can be particularly tough for women who are pregnant for the first time as they don’t quite know what to expect. However, regardless what you do or where you are you always have your phone with you, and it’s easy to connect to Wi-Fi nowadays. The idea for the development of the Baby Step App came as a perfect solution to worries of millions of moms-to-be out there; with the app you can easily get informed about all pregnancy-related info as well as get informed about proper care for your newborn wherever you are.

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The app offers a variety of content, medical and lifestyle, and has interactive characteristics; which means you can enter info, track changes, and even get to see how your baby develops in your womb.

Why is this app beneficial for you? The app provides health tips that will protect you and your baby, and also other types of content that will show you how to go through your pregnancy carefree. After all, the more you learn about what’s coming ahead or what’s going on in your body at a certain point of your pregnancy, the better you are prepared for the labor.

Additionally, tracking your pregnancy week by week makes you more aware and you can easily figure out if something’s wrong which will, in turn, prevent severe pregnancy complications that were mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Just by downloading and installing it onto your iPhone or iPad you can stay healthy and safe with Baby Steps and get the wonderful opportunity to learn things you haven’t known before. As much as you’ve heard a lot of pregnancy stories throughout your life from your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or family member, experiencing it is completely different.

Baby Steps take’s the pregnancy experience to a whole new level – feel it.

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