Choosing to study in Canada can easily take any international student on a whirlwind ride of cultural variety and best in the world higher education. From the skiing slopes of British Columbia, to cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec, this country has all this to offer and more. Canada is famous all over the world for its highly amicable citizens, multicultural population and a way more tolerant attitude, which will make the overseas education experience of any international student worth remembering. We shall discuss here the various aspects of studying in Canada and how truly it is a life changing experience for many.

Covering almost half of the northern region of the Americas, this country has a vast diversity in terms of climates, landscapes, ethnicities and population. It has a really sparse population because of the harsh winter climate it experiences. But international students need not worry about it as none of the universities are situated in any such regions. Moreover a thing to take not of by the aspiring international students is the fact that Canada has a bilingual status; thus, both English and French are used in all the official paper works, including the university documentation.

In terms of higher education, as of last year Canada stood on the number 7 position in terms of being the most favorite higher education destination in the entire world. Almost eight percent of the higher education student’s population consist of the international students here. In Canada also the most popular higher education states consist of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Studying in higher education degree courses in Canada is also a good option because almost twenty-six universities of this country feature in the top universities of world QS world rankings. Moreover three universities feature in the top fifty list while another ten of them making it to the top three hundred best universities in the world. Such a mean feat is hardly matched by just a few other countries in the entire world.

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An under graduate degree in Canada would take between three to four years for a student, depending on the university he or she has opted for. The post-graduation degree can last anytime between one to three years, depending on the degree opted for. Canada has all sorts of colleges, technical, community colleges, applied arts one, applied sciences one. These colleges can offer associate degrees or diploma. And then there are the usual research universities where a student can opt for graduation undergraduate or post-graduate or doctoral research programs. Some states of Canada however are essentially different, like Quebec where a student has to opt for mandatory pre-university ‘General and Vocational College’ (CEGEP) course, but this course also cuts down on the freshman year and is thus almost equal to the time spent earning a degree anywhere else too.

Comparing the average tuition fee an international student has to pay in any Anglophone country like USA or UK etc., Canada is comparatively low but it is still higher than most other countries. On an average a student has to spend approximately fourteen thousand Canadian dollars per year to earn a higher education degree in Canada. All the universities in this country set their own tuition fee structures and are thus independent to charge students as per their convenience. However degrees in subjects of humanities or arts still cost less than degrees in engineering or medical in these Canadian universities.

For students the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) has come up with an online tool which helps them quickly calculate their tuition and other costs in Canada.

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