Are you thinking of enrolling your child for Tai Chi classes? You should know that if your child has one or two of the problems below, you might want to check out how Tai Chi can benefit your kid and help them learn valuable lessons along the way.

Here are some key points or signs that you should enroll your child for Tai Chi.

Does he or she shy away from competitive forms of exercise?
Do they have difficulty maintaining focus?
Does he or she need calmness or self-discipline?
Do you just want your kids to learn something valuable and new during their free time?

A famous physician has been developing tai chi programs for children. Dr Paul Lam has devoted 30 years of his life in developing Tai Chi for kids, for he is a witness of the benefits of Tai Chi. He does not stop on letting the world know how it could help a lot of people and what better way to do this is to start with the younger generation.

The benefits that include in learning Tai Chi is the improvement of general health of children, weight loss and control, co-ordination, flexibility, and emotional balance and ability to focus.

So what is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient art form that involves the body and the mind. You move almost every part of your body and exercise the

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body’s internal structure that is where you use the mind to control and focus. The hallmark characteristic of Tai Chi is that it involves a number of so-called forms also called sets. These are a sequence of movement, posture, and breathing that originally derived from the martial arts. Although, different from most forms of martial arts, Tai Chi is done through slow, soft, and graceful movements.

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Although it is debatable whether Tai Chi has its own self-defense benefits, the health benefits are totally indubitable.

Posture and Back Illness

Tai Chi focuses on the right posture and balance, and with this alone, children who practice it will be able to improve their posture and stance. Professor Leon Straker from Curtin University stated that a huge epidemic on back problems, imminent result of sedentary lifestyle in younger people. Tai Chi can definitely prevent this long-term health issue.

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Tai Chi also improves a child’s ability to focus, and this can help all throughout his/her life in study and eventually work. There is a philosophical background of Tai Chi that focuses on the thinking of ‘being.’ Being in the moment and concentrate to what is now. In western culture and lifestyle, concentration has become a casualty because of a busy and fast paced lifestyle. Shortened attention span can definitely impede learning and this is what Tai Chi is able to solve for kids. Tai Chi classes include memorization of movements, this increases discipline, focus, concentration, as well as memory of the children.

Inner and Outer Peace

Our children are surrounded by noise from Televisions, computer games, iPods, music, road noise, and many more. Relaxation is hard to find and achieve. Tai Chi offers a mental haven and solution for those who want to shut the external noise that these children have. With the practice of calm and slow movements, the outer noise will soon fade.

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As for the inner harmony, Tai Chi is a gentle martial art. Children can experience stress and pressure today and on both the school front and home as well. With relaxation techniques through breathing and meditation, the children who learns tai chi will definitely gain a lot more inner peace that is essential in tackling day to day challenges and distractions. Don’t be surprised if your kids tend to be calm and focused amidst challenges in school or even at home.

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Lastly, the benefit on the body

Tai Chi is ultimately an exercise that affects the whole body and even improves diet. Sedentary lifestyle is not applicable with Tai Chi classes. As the concept of Tai Chi is improving the mind, people are able to control what they eat, focus on health, and even make good choices along the way. The benefit of the body from Tai Chi is undeniable.

Now that you know these benefits, you should start considering sending your children to Tai Chi classes. Check out the ones nearest you.

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