When it comes to creativity, the boundaries are limitless. It requires motivation and dedication to achieve any form of creativity. A classic example is Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who sought to feel a gap of demand by being creative. That is the reason why we enjoy working on computers and our lives rotate around them day in and day out. However, although their inventions were thought to be the best forms of creativity for the century, it goes without saying that the discoveries out there in the field of coding are still abundant. It is therefore important for any person with prospects in programming to give creativity a chance. In this article, I am going to give you a list of coding courses that can produce the next big thing with a bit of creativity.


C++ is one of the programming languages that are essential when developing mobile applications. It is being taught online by many coding platforms like Cyber Education, Codecademy, Treehouse and others. Compared to other programming languages, C++ is simple yet very wide when it comes to application. This means that you will have a wide range of creativity to explore when it comes to developing compelling applications. Needless to say, mobile applications are a trending feature in the market today and developing an impeccable application means more income. It will also mean that people will benefit more from your creativity. So, let’s get creative with C++


When it comes to developing the best websites, JavaScript is the language to learn. The market today is thronged within so many websites but it always takes creativity to make one stand out from the rest. Just like C++, learning JavaScript will allow you navigate through the process of creating a website quite easily. This will give you the chance to be more creative with the options you will have at hand when developing a unique but outstanding website. It is however important to note that you can wreck in millions of dollars just as an expert web developer who produces unique results.

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This is one of the latest developed coding languages that have proved to bear incredible results. It is a complex language that was used to develop platforms like You Tube and DropBox. Due to its complex nature, Python is highly rated in the coding industry. Learning this ingenious coding technique will allow you the rare opportunity of being creative in a much competitive industry. This is because you will be able to create other great platforms like You Tube and leave a mark in the world. Python is definitely the best opportunity for anyone to express their creativity in coding.


As a web developer learner, if you are looking for the easiest coding language to use when developing your website, Joomla is one of the best. It has minimal amount of instructions and your clients can easily learn how to manage those sites by themselves. Joomla is one of the most popular source of CMS currently used by several users due to its user-friendly characteristic.


Though it is less common, Ruby is a vital part of the coding languages. It is basically used to develop browsers like Fire fox, Opera Mini and Chrome. It is a complex language with concrete algorithms that requires the best. However, it is simple to learn and many platforms offer this course to the students. It is important to note that there are very few browsers in the market compared to applications and websites; thus, a good chance to be creative with this language and produce a unique browser that will beat the rest. Compared to the rest of the courses, Ruby is less competitive and a good chance for an inspired professional to make a mark.

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Though it is less used, CSS is a coding language that works just like C++ for developing mobile applications. What is more special about CSS however is that you can also develop mobile games using this application. Well, we know that mobile games are an integral part of this market and are there to stay; thus, a better reason to study this language. It is worth mentioning that mobile games are not complex to develop and one can easily develop a unique mobile game just with a little creativity. With CSS knowledge at hand, you can easily develop one of the best games of all time. You will only need to get a little creative.


It is very hard to find coding languages that can be used to create two things. Well, HTML is one of them. This is a coding language that has been used for decades and has produced incredible results. It can be used to create web pages while at the same time create mobile games. Even so, it relates closely to CSS due to the nature of their algorithms. Learning this coding language gives you a wide perspective of what to do professionally and with a little creativity at hand, you will do great things.

Written by:

Mia Morshead

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