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Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthTechnology always acts as a sword when it comes to our mental health. Though there are rumors in the air that technology is dangerous for our mental health, which is only half truth-It depends on how a person is using it.

There is a common issue – a lot of us focus on the bad aspects first and not focus on the positive aspects of something. For decades, before the evolution of electronic media, there used to be rumors that television were making students’ couch potatoes. Here they forget an important thing; they ignore the educational values associated with it.

Can technology help us?

Indeed, technology helps us in a million ways. Mainly when we talk about mental health, it serves as a helping hand. Since people are suffering from various mental issues around the world, it has become a matter of concern. If you are not aware of how to use technology for improving your mental health, here are some points that will clear some confusion.

How To Use Technology For Improving

Mental Health

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental Health

How can wearable help you?

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthIt is a sure thing that wearables have a massive impact in the world. They also help a lot in improving our mental health. It is of no surprise that a healthy body leads to a healthy mindset. So, it is essential for us to take care of our health. Wearables help a lot in maintaining a healthy body, here the Fitbit gadget can be cited as an example. Fitbit has introduced wearables which you just need to wear on your wrist. It will track the number of steps you took while walking. Moreover, it will tell you the miles you have covered within the specified period.

Another example that is a perfect fit about wearables is the Apple watch. Apple watch has hitched the attention of many users due to the ability to track heart rate. Suppose that there are changes in your heart rate, the wearable will alert you. Since it helps in monitoring your heart rate, you’ll have support from any potential danger.

Many cases have been reported in which some lives have been saved because Apple’s wearable detected their heart rate which urged them to take action and seek a doctor’s opinion at the right time.

Role of Virtual reality in improving mental health

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthNo denials, from adolescence to adulthood we encounter so many things which build different phobias inside us. Some phobias run in genetics while others come from terrifying experiences. Usually, psychiatrists use to recommend medicine to calm the hormones that cause anxiety, but the results are not for a more extended period. Virtual reality is a gift to us in this scenario.

Many startups have taken the initiative to improve the mental health of people via virtual reality systems. For instance, some people have the phobia of heights, due to which they stopped the idea of traveling in an airplane. Virtual reality medical center has developed a system to treat people who have a fear of aircrafts. The method comprises of software and hardware. Moreover, it has mock airplane seats and a surround sound system that gives you the illusion that you are sitting on a plane.

The system has gained appreciation from various people because it has successfully treated many people. Those people are no longer suffering from the heights phobia, and now they can quickly travel in an airplane.

Another scenario is with lack of confidence bringing a plate full of troubles for us. Some people are not confident enough and are afraid of speaking in public. If you check the other front of the situation, such people suffer a lot in their institutes and universities during presentations. To treat this phobia “Virtually better” took the initiative and has made a system that improves your confidence level. It helps you in overcoming the fear of public speaking as the result of which you can give a flawless presentation and can excel in educational institutes and your career.

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How can you use the internet to enhance your mental health?

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthThere is a long debate on the topic that the internet is ruining the life of people. They are no longer a part of their families, they are more inclined towards their cellphone, towards talking to their friends. Is it true? Well, if your answer is yes then you might change your mindset now.

Visualize, you are living in a place full of greenery, and there is no interaction at all. You don’t have your cell phone, you don’t have an internet connection and you want to get in touch with your friend who lives far away. What will you do in such a case? You will be helpless and the feeling of isolation will bound you. This isolation will give you a boost of aggression and it will affect your mental health.

The above visualization might have provided enough to give you some waves of depression. A person can’t live without interacting with another individual. The Internet is undoubtedly a blessing to humanity. When you communicate with your friend’s, it gives you relief from stress. Moreover, when you talk, you get to learn so many things which help you in staying positive. A positive mindset plays a vigorous role in the overall well-being of an individual.

All you need to know about Home-tech

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthYou might be suffering from different types of mental health issues; hereby you should know that not all issues need to be treated with medicines. Various issues can be solved with the help of technology. One can’t forget home-tech when it comes to improving mental health. Those people who are suffering from depression can use the aid of full spectrum lightening. It creates an ambiance of natural daylight that relaxes your brain cells.

Motion-sensing monitors can also be used to improve an individual’s mental health. Suppose that someone is stressed and not showing it, the motion-sensing monitor will detect the change in behavior and will alert you. Those people who are at early stages of dementia or those who are suffering from the problem of panic attacks can utilize the help of these monitors.

Can smartphones help in improving mental health?

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthUndoubtedly, smartphones play a significant role in improving the well-being of a person. You can become aware of the countless apps that can make your life better by improving your mental health. There are apps that can help you a lot in managing stress. The question which most people ask is how to be happy? There are apps that are solely designed to teach you the thinking pattern of happy people; those apps can help you better understand how to practice the behavior of people who are satisfied with their lives.

There are some people who are game lovers. A moment of surprise is that now, you can use the help of your smart phone to enhance your mental health. If you play more video games, your anxiety will reduce. As per the studies of East Carolina University, if you play video games for 30 minutes every day, you will suffer less from clinical depression.

Another thing is that playing video games gives you the sense of winning; thus, it makes you more positive. You become competent and try to elevate from your current level.

We all are so occupied in our daily lives that sometimes we stop breathing. We forget to connect with our body and soul. There are some apps, mainly designed to enhance your way of living. These apps play a significant role in improving an individual’s mental health. These apps can help you learn the art of meditation. It is no surprise that meditation relaxes your body. Once you are relaxed mentally, your body relaxes as well. These apps urge you to take out some time from your routine and connect with your body.

It is proven that music can enhance your mood. It can boost your energy level or can slow it down. The background music of meditation relaxes your mind and can give you a positive mindset.

AI can contribute towards improving mental health

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthDoubtlessly, it is the era of the AI. AI has proven to be extremely helpful towards humanity in many ways. We are living in a world where every 3rd person is suffering from a mental disorder. Mental disorders can also lead to poor health. Technology is on the boom; however, people put a lot of blame on it and consider it a cause of poor mental health. In actuality, that blame is incomplete.

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AI has revolutionized our lives and is on the way of making things easier for us. The identification of common health issues is not so easy, a person doesn’t express his/her feelings, or sometimes he/she fails to show what he/she is feeling at that particular time. Researchers have joined machine learning tools and Instagram to diagnose depression in an individual.

AI uses color analysis, algorithmic face detection and Metadata to detect signs of depression. An early diagnoses can help a lot in overcoming any rising problems.

The good thing about this is that a bot won’t judge you for anything. People are not comfortable with everyone and they don’t like to talk about their problems. Here AI serves as a helping hand in dealing with students who are dealing with depression because of exam results or those mothers who are going through the phase of postpartum depression.

Telehealth can improve your mental health but how?

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthWhen you go out with friends or when you go to your workplace, you might have heard from people who are not feeling 100% mentally well. Poor mental health gives a boost to various problems and due to many of them an individual’s concentration level falls and they don’t feel focused. When an individual is not focused, they may go through several issues; in turn, welcoming anxiety, failure to do 100% at work and or failure to give their best. Here, telehealth can help you.

To improve your mental health, you can use the help of video-based technology to connect with consultants. From telehealth, you get the support you wish to and healthcare providers are there to assist you 24×7.

Telehealth is a great revolution in the cosmos of technology and you can use it if you think you’re not giving 100%. Health providers get to see your day-to-day routine and suggest possible changes that can enhance your mental health. Moreover, you are not obliged to go anywhere, you can use this fantastic technology and can take control of your life in your hands without leaving the comfort of your home.

Online support groups

Ways To Use Technology For Improving Mental HealthDuring the day’s work, you may hardly get time for yourself. Some people are also conservative and don’t like to open up. They don’t feel comfortable speaking about themselves and don’t want to discuss their matters with others. It’s a natural thing when you think a lot, you drive yourself crazy – anxiety has an inverse relation to your mental health. Those people who feel lonely or those who don’t like to talk about themselves with their friends can use the help of online support groups.

There are online discussion forums and support groups that can help you with expressing what is there in your heart. There, you won’t be judged and you’ll feel comfortable while stating your issue. The people of the support groups will help you in solving the problems you are facing. This way your mental health will get better and you will feel relaxed.

In the online support groups, you remain anonymous; you don’t need to share your real identity. These online support groups don’t share your details with third parties, so you don’t have to worry about that. Connecting with others is very important for a human being. You can’t solve all of your problems without discussing it. The valuable advice which you get from the people not only improves your mental health but gives you the peace of mind which you wish for.

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