Australia is the perfect country for going off on a road trip. Why? Well, mainly because of its vastness. Furthermore, the nature of the Land Down Under is majestic. Just driving by those landscapes, and stopping at times to enjoy and appreciate them firsthand, is enough to get the fulfillment that you need from such a road trip. What follows is a list of five Australian road trips that will make you wish for more.

From Sydney to Melbourne

There aren’t many things that are more satisfying visually than driving along the ocean’s coastline, on the road from Sydney to Melbourne. What awaits you on this journey are the many charming coastal towns and divine turquoise lagoons. You will be able to see some of the Australia’s magnificent national parks and untouched camping spots. Aboriginal presence is felt strongly in these parts too. As far as wildlife is concerned, you will get the chance to encounter kangaroos, especially at the Pebbly Beach, and many species of birds as well. I strongly recommend that you go fishing (if it is your kind of hobby) for a great calming experience around these parts. You might need it after a long drive.

The Nullarbor Plain

Road tripping is an adventure in itself and you should take some time off work to do it properly. If you have a few days to spare, embark on a trip from from Ceduna to Perth. Expect a 2000 km long drive across a barren wasteland, a treeless stretch that is the Nullarbor. Though it is notorious for being a harsh environment, the Nullarbor is definitely not a desert. Although the drive itself is pretty comfortable, you will need a four-wheel-drive if you plan to drive across it. There will be many sightings of kangaroos by the road and eagles in the sky. I guarantee that the sights are definitely worth your time and effort.

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From Uluru to Kings Canyon

If you want to experience driving along the red earth and beneath hugest skies possible then you should embark on this 3 hour drive along the Lasseter Highway. Along the road from the intriguing red rocks to the awe-inspiring Kings Canyon, there will be sightings of wild camels, so be careful not to put them in danger. You can extend this trip through Australian Outback by starting off at Alice’s springs and then taking on the Red Centre Way. The trip is filled with ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and historic towns. Five inspiring days is all it takes for you to satisfy your need for cultural fulfillment.

The Kangaroo Island

This is one of the main reasons I learned how to drive a car. I desperately wanted to visit the Kangaroo island, but none of my friends have yet had a driver’s licence, and the 1600 km roads on the island itself impose this means of transportation. Nevertheless, after attending an awesome driving school in Richmond, I was all set  to go. You can hire a car on the very island, or take your own and have it on board the SeaLink ferry from Adelaide. The sights on the Kangaroo island are out of this world- the wind sculpted rocks and a great diversity of animal life. You can spot fur seals, koalas, and even small penguins near the town of Penneshaw. This is definitely an activity that will be worth your while.

The Grand Pacific Drive

The most popular attraction on the Grand Pacific Drive is definitely the Sea Cliff Bridge. It is a magnificent site, a construction set right beside the cliffs, overlooking the sea. It is like a cement snake that encompases the rock. The views from the clifftops are stunning, while you can also stare at the hypnotic blowholes at Kiama. If you stop at Jervis Bay, you have the opportunity to walk on one of the whitest sand beaches in the world.

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Road trips are becoming increasingly popular as the usual travel packages become boring and predictable. Treat yourself to an adventure on the Aussie territory, as it is best explored by car. Its vastness will stun and amaze you, and you will have yet another story to tell of your travel adventures.

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