The Beneficial Aspects of Trees

Trees are extremely beneficial to cities, communities and any type of environment. They are especially important to the human body as they create oxygen. There are many ways trees can benefit areas. Trees can help create a sense of peace as well as provide shade for members of a community and reduce household bills. Below are some examples of how trees help people in everyday life, and why it is important to grow and care for these precious plants.


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In Rajasthan, a West Indian state, members of the Piplantri village, plant 111 trees to celebrate female births. The impact of these trees cannot be understated as they have a massive effect on the community. These trees are multipurpose as they symbolize new life in the community. They are also environmentally friendly as they provide shade in the scorching summer heat of India. The list of benefits gained from trees in any community is practically endless; needless to say, they provide the human body with its most valued asset, which is oxygen.

Any hard working citizen would obviously want a solution to decrease house bills, and trees can make a considerable contribution towards this. The simple alternative to turning up your household AC would be to just go outside and sit under the shade of a tree, which is extremely beneficial considering the fact that this does not cost a penny. Trees surrounding your household area would also help to keep your home interior cool.

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According to the US Department of Agriculture’s findings, one tree provides the cooling impact of up to 10 air conditioners working constantly for 20 hours a day. As part of investment in your property, trees can reduce your energy bills by 3% over 5 years.

Long term value and appeal are added to your home when you have trees planted outside. There are various types of trees that can be planted almost anywhere. Trees bring a sense of character and life to a scenery whether they are flowery fruit trees or green leafy ones. $1,000 to $10,000 can be added to your property by simply having a fully grown tree on your turf. Property with trees have been proven to be quite eye-catching and appealing to people looking to invest. The Arbor Day Foundation states that commercial areas, namely retail areas and shopping centers are more eye-catching to shoppers if there are trees on the property. In addition to this, those looking to rent homes are more easily lured into renting a property that has trees on it. Also, sometimes, those who live on property where there are trees end up eagerly wanting to extend their stay because of the trees.

Trees added along busy streets and highways can have multiple, positive effects on entire communities. Trees can act as sound barriers to stop street noise and pollution from reaching nearby homes. According to Marvin Black, a writer of the Pacific Northwest Magazine (Seattle Times), traffic moves slower in tree-populated areas. Trees are said to have a calming effect on drivers, which makes them want to go slower, and the slower the driver, the less he will honk his horn, so the less noise there will be in the atmosphere. A bustling city can become a much more peaceful place to reside in without horns honking all the time. The calming effect of these wonderful, green-leafed living things affects those behind the wheel who are passing through but also gives all residents of a community a peaceful feeling.

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A recently completed study, which took place in the University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences shows that people living in greener surroundings experience improved mental health states. Promotion of physical activities is significantly increased in these areas along with low blood pressure and stronger neighborhood relationships due to positive thinking in terms of social activity. Trees promote a relaxed environment, which inevitably leads to a significant downfall in crime, vandalism and littering.

Trees are very versatile in terms of uses for children outdoors; examples being tree houses and tire swings, which have proven to be popular with the younger generation. The younger generation of recent years is often found indoors using some form of modern technology, which could be bad for their health eventually. Fortunately, the option of having them go play outside is always available.

Trees can sometimes go unnoticed in terms of how vital they actually are to communities all over the world. They produce oxygen, which is extremely important to the human body. Trees are also proven to assist in reducing bills and getting children to play outside in order to stay healthy. This shows that trees are important to everyone, which is why proper care and maintenance should be provided to these spectacular objects of nature.

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