Most students in American colleges are faced with mental health problems. This is attributed to a number of factors including but not limited to psychopathology and stress. This problem has triggered debates and numerous opinions in an attempt to curve a long lasting solution. In essence, this problem needs to be recognized and treated as a national problem given that the consequences are bound to be felt by the whole society. This paper from custom essay order tries to explicate the extent of the problem of mental health among American college students and the negative effects it has on the young generation starting from the age of 15 years to 24 years.

Players in counseling centers are perhaps the most informed lot in relation to the problem facing college students in terms of their mental health. This follows the factors that they have had firsthand experience gained from counseling sessions. To gain a clear understanding of this problem, it is only fair that their perspective be identified. A survey conducted by AUCCCD and which involved directors from various counseling centers indicated that most of the respondents (95 percent) viewed the problem of mental health crisis among students is growing at an alarming rate with 70% of the respondents believing that the number of students suffering from the problem this year is higher relative to the previous year.

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Studies involving students also points towards the same problem. A survey conducted in 2004 by University of California Berkley indicated that 45 percent of college and university students have had a mental related health over the last one year. The study suggested that the problem had a major impact on student’s academic performance as well as their well-being. Other numerous studies involving students have pointed towards the same trend, pointing toward the need for urgency in addressing the problem.

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Depression and anxiety cases among students have been identified as the major symptoms of the problem. In fact, researchers have suggested that almost a third of all college and university students could pass a test for a depression or anxiety related disease were such a test be administered during their college years.

Whilst there is little data to make comparisons across generations, the current trend clearly points towards a raging catastrophe. It would not be amazing to find a freshman with a stress level that is very high as compared with that of a psychiatric patient who died tens of years ago. The increase in the rate of suicide among students is one of the major indicator of the extent of the problem. Since 1950s, suicide rate among young adults has more than tripled. In fact, suicide is now second common factor causing deaths among young students. Other pointers include eating disorders, learning disability, change in lifestyle habits, drug and sexual abuse, and violent crimes.

It is evident that the problem of mental health crisis among university and college students is a roaming problem, which if not addressed at this stage may be catastrophic to the well-being of the society. Issues such as violent shootings in schools and street violence are some of the indications of the direction that the society is headed with the problem on its back. It is imperative that the root cause of this problem be addressed so as to develop a long lasting solution and save the younger generation as well as the society as a whole.

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