As a health fanatic and guru, there are SO many things I hear that just…ugh..makes my skin crawl. “Studies show this,” “Studies show that.” It seems as if everything is flipped. What once was bad for you is now good and vice versa. Who knows what to believe?

Two of the biggest health topics today involve what I like to call the DD’s of health…digestion and detox. Proper digestion is key to happy health and healing. It is greatly in part responsible for many of the existing diseases of today. Let’s talk more about digestion.

On a basic level of digestion, we think about physical food. It’s a daily battle over which foods are healthiest for human consumption. The truth is that it’s not so much that we don’t know what foods are good for us, we simply don’t know how to eat them or how to prepare them. Knowledge of proper food combination is vital. Case and point: summer comes around every year and what do we always see in the fast food commercials? Salads. Almond chicken salads. Cranberry tuna salads. All of these…salads. When we think “salad,” we think “healthy.” But not all salads are created equally. And certainly not all salad combinations are best for our digestive systems.

In order to know how to eat properly, we must know something about food. Not all foods digest the same. Some foods take longer to digest, some digest rapidly. Some foods leave cellular waste, some foods help to clean out cellular waste. Also, food should be medicine. Therefore, different foods have different functions. You cannot mix all fruits together just because they’re fruits. They have different functions in the body and they digest differently. No foods should be digested with meat. In my opinion, meat shouldn’t be consumed by any human. Meat takes a very long time to digest and the protein that everyone claims to get from meat, is not even digestible. Meat should not be consumed with other foods…period. So about those salads I mentioned earlier, they are not good for us. According to our natural digestive system, it is improper to consume meats with anything, fruits with starches, and fruits with vegetables. Not even all fruits can be mixed. We must break our foods down into categories in order to know what to mix and what not to mix. Here is a chart to help you to better understand.

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So to help you understand the chart, proteins don’t mix with starches or fruits. Fruits should be eaten alone. Vegetables mix well with proteins and starches. Improper food combinations create a level of toxicity in the cells because of undigested waste. For instance, if you eat a chicken sandwich, you are creating toxicity because the bread will break down much faster than the meat. With a body temperature of 98.6 degrees, it is easy for foods to rot and spoil if not digested in a timely fashion. So proper food combinations are vital.

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The second “D” is for detox. Detoxing is all the craze these days but even what’s advertised isn’t always proper. Remember, we’re dealing with Big Industry who plays on our lack of knowledge so they throw anything at us and we believe it. Let me make this clear: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK DETOX! A proper detox (if done properly) will most likely take months. That’s because different herbs, when grouped together, perform ONE function. Yes, herbs have thousands of uses with thousands of medicinal purposes. But when herbs that have common functions are grouped together, they perform that common function. For instance, take Red Clover and Cat’s Claw. These two herbs have thousands of uses, however, a common function for these two herbs is blood cleansing. Therefore, when these two herbs are taken together, they become a powerful blood cleanser. So you can’t just throw a bunch of herbs together and think that you’re detoxing your whole body at once. It doesn’t quite work that way, unfortunately.

So to properly detox, one must start with one organ system at a time. This can take some time because each organ system may take at least a week to properly detox granted that your diet is conducive to the detox. Herbs only work in conjunction with the proper diet, not just a healthy diet, but the proper diet for what you are detoxing. So if you’re doing a week long blood cleanse, then your diet should include foods that are natural blood cleansers and, of course, these foods should be properly combined. It can take as long as six months to properly detox the entire body using herbs.

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Along with using herbs and foods for detoxing, one must know how to properly breathe. Breathing properly is the single most effective way to detox properly. One must learn to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This allows for proper oxygenation of the cells and cell tissues. Cells that are properly oxygenated will have no cellular waste, which is solely responsible for disease. Lastly, drink alkaline water and eat alkaline foods. The body is naturally alkaline, therefore, what we consume should as well be.

Knowledge is power because knowledge is your most powerful weapon. This concludes this topic. Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I leave all readers with Peace, Blessings, and Mercy.

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