Zombies are symbolic for the ego’s in oneself, in which they are dead.

This is why you have to shoot them in the head to kill them. ~ A.D. Upchurch

Who are you? photo credit: Tamara Staples via Getty Images

I see that you want to get straight to the point; however, let me ask you something first. Who are you?

I see what you are trying to do. I will not play your games, so let’s just cut to the chase.

Who am I? Hmmm; let’s see. Have you ever looked outside of your window and seen people walking around?

Yes, but It doesn’t always happen that way. Usually I’m looking into someone’s backyard or something.

Lol! You are so funny sometimes. I did not mean the question to be taken so literally. If I told you who I am, you still would not understand me.

Try me!

My name is Legion. I am your false self.

False self?

You ask too many questions, but yes: I am Legion as in your false self. I live in your sub-conscious mind. Your bible has spoken of me, but very briefly. It has mentioned of me being what they call the seven deadly sins, but that is such a small idea of what i am.

I see. One of my friends told me that your like the devil in everyone or something.

Hahaha; friends are always so nice.

Sometimes! Haha

In your 7 deadly sins manual, i am referred to as: Pride, Envy, Sloth, Anger, Greed, Gluttony and Lust.

Is that all?

No, but those are the basics; titles to your ignorance. However, the reason I’m called Legion is because I go beyond that. I exist in your 3 brains: Intellectual brain, Emotional brain and Sexual or Physical brain. What makes it so fun is that I am 3-7 and Legion. I am 3 as in your 3 brains, 7 as in your stupid 7 deadly sins, and Legion as in MANY! I am many because with those 7, I drop down into many sub-categories of those 7.

Let me see if I got this right. You mentioned sub-categories. Let’s say that pride can drop down into: Inferiority, Superiority, Shame, etc.

Hmmm! So, we can have 100’s, 1000’s to Millions of these Many in us right?
Correct again grass-hopper.

Wow! Like A real life zombie movie. photo credit: Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Haha! If that’s what you choose to call it, so be it God.

God? I am no God.
I love it when that happens. I can make you think as I wish you to think, based on your beliefs. You did not even notice that your last response was mine.

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Yes, exactly what I thought. My best weapon is you. You have to be sleep, or even partially sleep for me to live. I make you think that my thoughts are yours. All your lusts, anger and so on helps me to also live in your outside world. I keep hearing all of this talk about the Illuminati, Skull and Bones–on and on.

Are you responsible for that?
Another thought of mine. Haha!


Photo Credit: Tru via Getty Images

Do you have anything to say about the 5 senses.
Yes, I have an answer for everything. I am also in your 5 senses.

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever had an argument with someone, and you just knew you were right?

Although I already knew the answer to that–asked anyway. That argument was worthless for both of you because the energy that both of you released was given to me.

Calm down Mr. Righteous haha

Are you telling me that I helped create those corporations that are controlling us as a humanity?
Yes! You and everyone else that knows nothing about me. My slogan is Don’t Think! and Attachment (Weapon of Mass Distraction) is my weapon. You help keep me alive with the religions I have created for you. As long as you human animals fight each other, that is more energy for me and for my God which I blindly hide in your religions. One thing that I know as well is that you are a sexual being and was created physically through sex. I promote sex on a wide scale because I want you to sacrifice your sexual force to me.

If you are feeling bothered by this, maybe I should stop.

No, please carry on. I need to know this stuff.
I have created celebrities, entertainment and whatever else for my amusement to keep you blind of your I AM.

You have created me in the flesh as well as externally the first time you spilled the cup.

What cup?
I used cup as a metaphor for semen. When you spilled the cup, it caused you to become blind which in turn created me.

I understand that you have to spill to create, but it doesn’t take all that you have, to create. Haha!

That’s a bit over the top.
You are responding with much ego; much of me. Your ego shows a lot in this conversation, which is your false self, false personality. Let me ask you something: “Do you consider yourself an individual?”

Yes! What kind of question is that.

Photo Credit: Betsie Van der Meer via Getty Images

A proper one! In fact, you are not an individual until you can obtain one personality. How can you be an individual when you are steady acting like everyone else with your ego?

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Hmmmm is a great answer, a great answer indeed.

How can I get rid of you?
Get rid of me… Hahahaha! You can’t be serious. Getting rid of me is getting rid of yourself. Pushing yourself out-of-the-way. Killing yourself, which suicides are a generic form of that. Why would you want to get rid of me anyway? We’ve been having so much fun together.

Now that I have an idea of what you are, and what you have done. I realize that I served the “Devil” by not knowing all of this stuff.
You got it! Put yourself on a cross and die to Amen.

Who is Amen and How do I do that?

Photo Credit: WIN-Initiative via Getty Images

Amen is that which is hidden from you by me, but is in front of your face displayed through nature. You also call it your God.Your questions, haha. You are so ignorant to yourself. It will be very painful to die, and I can see that by talking to you; talking to myself. You will face A LOT of suffering doing it. When you do this work–most people will turn against you. Not consciously, but sub-consciously because I do not want to let anyone go. You are one of those special one’s of I AM, and that’s why I am letting you know this information. I have to–the contract has been signed.

When you say: “I do not like this, I do not like that, I feel like this or that,” you are usually referring to me. More simply, I am ego. The thing about your I AM is that it is not letting you know what it is. I AM (AMEN) What are you?

Everything that you see is not really there. It is my reality, which you have made your own through your 5 senses. You actually have more senses, but I have not allowed you to see what else there is. I fear Your Capability, Your I AM, Your Greatness, The Source where you have come. Sacrifice your false emotions and deal with the suffering if you choose–it will not be pleasant, because I still do not want to let you go. I will fight. If you fight back; then, you have chosen to bite my fruit and I win again. Know that you are suffering for a greater cause, or go into silence when I talk to you. Do not resist, because if you resist; then, I win again. Acknowledge what you are feeling, and tell your I AM that you do not want what you are feeling, and then it will go away. Even though I am telling you all of this–you still will not win.

Because I will not let you. If we cannot get you with one of us, we will attack you like gangsters we are. Go Back To Sleep!

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