Do you believe in the power of choice? Do you think that you are the maker of your destiny? Do you think that choosing good over bad and positive over negative will lead you to the ultimate? I’m afraid you’re WRONG! You don’t need the freedom of choice. That is just your ego misleading you. What you need is this: Freedom FROM choice!

This world was made to attract the senses. Your choice of one thing over another is just your desire misleading you! It won’t let you stay peaceful.

You hate negative things, people, situations etc. You want to be positive forever. In your deepest hearts you desire to live with everything good around you.

This is your whole life. Everything you do, say, believe is prompted by this desire to live better!

Yet the mystery is: You seem to be running around like a dog trying to catch its tail.

It is only when you let go of your choices, will you truly find the meaning in life.

The Circle Of Life and Death

So, the question is: Why can’t you find that which you want the most? Why can’t you be truly happy and peaceful inside? It is because consciously or unconsciously you are trapped in the circle of life and death. Here’s how:

It is your intense desire to be happy, healthy and wealthy, ALWAYS.

You are fueled by this desire. You do everything in life motivated by this desire. It does not matter whether you want it for someone else. If you say that you want to do a lot of charity, that does not mean you want something for ‘OTHERS’.

Whatsoever you are doing, you are doing it for yourself.

You may argue against it but think deeply. You are your own motivation.

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So this is how you go around in life doing things, speaking and acting in such a way that will lead you to more happiness and satisfaction for yourself.

However, the problem is: The more you CHOOSE what’s right for you against what’s NOT right for you, the more you get stuck.

This happens because the Universe is always in perfect balance. It can’t allow one thing over another. The nature of things is to be balanced. There are no preferences in nature. It’s always in harmony.

To Be or Not To Be (Your Ego chooses)

You have your ego which is your personality. It chooses to be something. Your ego chooses one thing over another. Even if you choose good over evil, don’t think that you’re adding value. You can’t add or subtract anything from this universe.

When you meditate deeply you find that your ego has been choosing all along.

This is the dilemma. The Choices you have and the ones you create. Those choices are causing you to suffer. If you choose one path over another, you miss the other path. The whole secret lies in not choosing.

For example if you say that you want to be always happy. You make a resolution and choose to be happy ALWAYS, no matter what the situation. Now this will cause trouble. Because even if it’s your choice, there will be situations where this simply isn’t possible. If someone dies in your family, will you be happy? If you lose the love of your life, will you be happy? If you become absolutely poor and homeless, would you feel happy?

Your resolution and your choice will cause you trouble. Because in situations that go against your choice, you will suffer. You will feel helpless in situations that do not conform with your choice.

Your inner Buddha is not choosing anything. It simply is a witness to all that you are choosing. It is watching the whole drama of choice which your ego makes.

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There is absolutely only ONE difference between materialistic and spiritual people.

And that is:

The worldly people find their happiness in material possessions and positive emotions.


The spiritual being finds happiness in everything.

Happiness in everything, yes, because she doesn’t choose. If you choose then you can’t be happy in everything. This is because you cannot adjust in an adverse circumstance.

The whole nature of the existence is ‘BEING AS IS’.

The whole existence is just as is. And that is why it is at peace.

A rose is not trying to be a lotus. A lotus is not trying to be a rose. A dog is not trying to be a lion and vice-versa. A grass is not competing with a bamboo and a bamboo doesn’t look at grass as more valuable.

It is your EGO which chooses. And the reason is that Your ego is INFERIOR. It feels itself inferior in whatever it becomes.

Your ego is just a shadow of your bright nature. It will ALWAYS be inferior to your supreme nature. Your true nature is one of eternal peace and tranquility. Your true nature is of immense possibilities. Once you realize it, you will be truly happy.

But to achieve this you must realize that you need Freedom from choice.

You need freedom from your ego. And the only way to do that is to realize who you truly are? You must realize your true nature. And the only way to realize that is to Meditate.


Meditate and find your real nature. Once you settle in who you are, you will find that you do not choose. You don’t need to. Then you will find happiness in everything you do. Your peace will be unbounded and eternal.

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