Impact Video Games Have on Children by blog.poptropica.comNow, some claim that video games are something exclusively bad, that it averts our kids from books and turns them towards violence when in fact, they can actually act as a great didactic tool. For example, remember a few years ago when a kid from Norway saved himself and his sister from a raging moose by mimicking the moves he learned from World of Warcraft. This just goes further to prove how video games, might have something to teach our children after all. With this in mind, here is a new perspective on the effect that video games may have on children.

Impact Video Games Have on Children by blog.poptropica.comImproving hand-eye coordination

Now, this is something that’s quite obvious actually. Namely, most video games require a quick reaction and some missions are simply too hard to be done on one’s first try, which means that they require a lot of practice. Sure, you can have your kid do some meaningless task’s the entire day in order to have the same result, but video games can evoke intrinsic motivation in your kid which is not something to be trifled with. In other words, your child will do something that is good for their motoric abilities, but most importantly the kid will be doing this on their own pleasure.

Learning compassion

Sure, in most video games the goal is to kill, slay or beat your opponent but in some games this is not the case. Take for example Free Rice, a video game that tests your kids knowledge in subjects like humanities, English, math and chemistry, while fighting to end the world hunger at the same time. For every correct answer that your child gives Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme, thus bringing the issue of world hunger one step closer to a solution. To make things better, your kid will graphically be able to see, just how much their knowledge has contributed so far. In this way, you child will learn that knowledge, can be used to help people and not only for their own benefit.

Impact Video Games Have on Children by blog.poptropica.comPuzzle solving abilities

When it comes to teaching your kid to think logically, there is nothing that can measure up to video games. There are many great games based on the system of puzzle and problem solving. The more time your kid spends playing them, the more apt in these kinds of situations it will become. A perfect example for this is Poptropica, where your kid travels across the incredible digital sea, visiting various fable-like islands along the way, making friends and solving puzzles. The greatest downside here is that your kids may get stuck with a seemingly unsolvable problem, but in that case, they could always visit Poptropica walkthrough and see the solution.

Resource management and long term planning

Finally, we reach one of the most popular genres in video gaming industry called simply strategy games. Lessons that these games will teach to your children are completely invaluable. For example, most of these games are based around building a city, a base or in some cases even an army, all of which require a lot of planning and a great sense of resource management. They say that experience is the best teacher and these games will allow your kids to learn on the example. Every failed mission will be an invaluable lesson while every success will be forever carved in their mind.

Impact Video Games Have on Children by

As you can see, video games can truly change the way in which our youngest perceive the world, but not necessarily in the bad way. Even though the relationship of parents towards video games has been troublesome in the past at the very least, it is perhaps time to turn another page and finally stand face to face with the facts. By doing so, one will realize that video games are simply too valuable didactic tool to be ignored.

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