Pallets are flat transport structures that are used to carry goods while being lifted by any jacking device or crane. It is also called a skid, as they have no bottom deck boards. It is a structural foundation of a load. It is purely used for handling goods. It has high storage efficiency. The shipping goods are often placed on these pallets and sustained with straps and shipped. They play an important role in moving any kind of goods. There are different types of pallets, like wooden and plastic pallets, which can be used for transportation processes. Plastic pallets can easily be molded, but they give out toxic fumes when they are burnt. In contrast, there are wooden pallets which are durable and they can easily be recycled, and you can also purchase recycled pallets to form a part of your business. Supply chain management and the logistics sector can make efficient use of pallets in all forms.

  • These skids are available in several shapes, sizes and materials. Choosing the wise one is critical. Making a right choice leads to a smooth running process while a wrong selection may lead to a major headache to the process. 
  • Selecting a wrong pallet may directly slow down the distribution and delivery. Sometimes may even lead to loss of product and therefore affects profit. Pallet choices is usually made based on the end product. For example, various industries like pharmaceutical, electronics and food industry may in particular deal with shipping requirements.
  • Such companies opt for a closed loop pallet network, a pooling equipment to meet their specific needs.

How to choose good quality pallets for transportation?

Selecting a skid purely depends on storage and retrieval systems. Certain systems require skids that don’t mess up their warehouse equipment.

  • In most cases, the end-user determines the best type based on their needs, weighing the pros and cons of the different types of skids. Wood is the most popular traditional type of pallet. Wood ones are durable and strong.
  • They are less expensive and are well suited for heavy loads. The various other skid materials are plastic and aluminum. There are pallets which are non-corrosive in nature, and you must always buy pallets which are non-combustible and those which do not react to any liquids or chemicals.

Using wooden blocks as pallets:

The most popular size of the skid is a four-way wooden block. They are made from hard wood. Pallets are stronger and more durable. Using this four-way wood block, shipping goods could be stacked and transported effectively. So they are safe for overhead rack usage and don’t slip. Since they are built with accurate dimensions they are ideal for use in automated production lines.

A major advantage of wooden pallets is that they represent a natural product that can be repaired, reused and recycled.  Environmental sustainability is more important. The pooled one’s act as a cost-effective way to reduce carbon footprint of the companies.

Factors to consider while choosing the right pallets are as follows:

  • Sound knowledge on various pallet materials and their recycling benefits
  • Usage based on Industry
  • Selection based on the weight of the products that are shipped
  • Environmental impacts
  • Product fragility
  • Dual purpose
  • Trade off costs
  • Warehouse fire codes

The wooden pallets can be repaired, cost less, hold more weight and can be recycled. Unlike plastic ones that cost three times the price of wood and are not stiff and not be repaired that easily. The wood pallet gives off moisture, bugs and contains fasteners that may damage goods. Plastic pallets can easily be cleaned. For more information on how to buy and store pallets, you can search from the online portals to get an idea about the price range of pallets which is beneficial for your goods & handling storage efficiency.

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