Technology and internet

Technology and the internet are quite possibly the duo that has shaped the human civilization once and forever. Considered widely as probably the best thing that ever happened in the scientific world, internet is something that we quite possibly will never want to miss. The millennials are the people that are born after the 1980s and they are the ones that really used the internet for the most amount of time- at-least as young and energetic people. There are more millennials in the world than there are newly born babies and that predominantly tells the story. Internet has played a pivotal role in the empowerment of individuals all over the world and especially Americans have benefited the most because they were the first to witness and actually make use of the invention.

The millennial love for technology

A recent survey revealed that over 80 percent of all the people that were born after the 1980s voted to want to work for some company that promoted innovation and not some NGO where they might get a lot of easy and good money but won’t be able to revolutionize themselves by becoming more close to technology. It’s indeed a scientific world we live in and nobody can really question their choice. Who would want to work for eight hours straight while just sitting on the table relaxing and doing some lousy paperwork? It’s better if you can everyday wake up to witness the best technology and be able to do something worthwhile that will not just give you money but also make the world a lot better place to be than it already is.

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The hunger for technology

It’s understandable: this hunger for technology. There are so many aspects of the world that can be made better by the use of technology and the middle-aged people have proposed a lot of good ideas in order to do so. It’s really fascinating to see so many people wanting to innovate and do something positive for the country and eventually for the whole world. In the past the people just wanted to somehow make both the ends meet and that was what the main motivation of their lives used to be. A lot of credit here has to be paid to the educational institutes, the good ones that are in abundance in our country and have really brought out the best of our population.

The downsides

There are some downsides to the excessive use of technology and it’s something that goes without saying. They say that excess of everything is undesirable and it’s as true as anything can get. We need to make sure that we don’t create pollution in the environment and all the while making feasible solutions to make things better. There is always the right thing to do and even though we might feel that we are on the right side, we might not be; so in order to be safe we need to take care of the precautions.

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