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You need to maintain a lot of positive relationships that surround you that will support you through this lifetime that can weigh you down sometimes. Wherever your legs may take you on the road to your twilight years, you need people you can trust who will help you make decisions that could forever sway the balance of your life. We are naturally social beings and we need a support group of sorts to help us maintain balance in our otherwise chaotic lifestyles. When things get rough and tough, we needs someone to help us hang on and when we are floating on cloud number nine, we need friends and family who can make it all worthwhile and extra special. That is why we should nourish our relationships, let them grow with love, respect and trust and we should make sure that the company we keep will help us move on to a better life and not lead us astray.

There is a saying that you can tell the character of a man with the company that he keeps and that may be true in some aspects. If we surround ourselves with uncouth ruffians and lazy buffoons who do nothing to further the advancement and greater good of humanity, then we might adapt the same behavior and mentality as time runs its course. After all, if we are not part of the solution then we are most probably a big part of the problem. Apathy is simply inexcusable because in these times of dire need, we need to hold onto each other to survive and ride the storm through. So you must be wary of the friends that you keep around you because they may very well be the mirror that will show you who you are someday.

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Family, of course, is the basic foundation of civilization and this is the place where morals and character is formed. In the formative years of a child, he learns the essence of right and wrong as well as the virtues of rewards and punishment that will later on manifest itself as the child grows into adulthood. We learn about camaraderie and bonds stronger than friendship with our siblings and we also experience conflicts and rivalries that will prepare us for life’s tougher challenges. And when you are old, accomplished individual – professional, tried anything you want like enrolling in a beauty course or creative writing – and stable enough with your comfortable life, you can avail of the online dating services to search for the love of your life you can share your perfect life with.

Our varying scopes and degrees of relationships with our dear parents, brothers and sisters, extended family as well as with our friends, colleagues and acquaintances from our social circles and/or support groups play a significant and major role in the formation of who we are, what we do and what we are capable of. We need to treasure good relationships and strengthen them with more commitment and communication as we try to stay away from bad ones that sap the joy and happiness from our lives.

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Candice Larson is an advocate of life and faithful relationships. She likes to travel and share her stories to other people. Candice is a resident beauty course blogger for The Australasian College.

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