Keep giving the church 10% of your income, and they’ll keep teaching you 10% of the bible.  — A.D. Upchurch

Welcome… I will be your preacher for today. My physical body is my church, and my religion is myself because that’s all I can ever learn about and teach. This idea is related to everything outside of myself, but yet it all has something for my understanding. All that is spoken from my lips, all that I see and hear is processed through me. Either accepted or rejected, all teaches me more about myself, if I’m willing to pay attention. My church walks and is of service to those in need, and my gold, silver and murals are internal. The universal consciousness is vast and we are each others attendees and speak through walking churches.

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Our bodies are temples and they house something within us that is not always seen. That which is within us have always been called by so many names but whatever it is, it has many great things to share with us. Many have called this entity a prophet of some sort, but previous prophets were for people of that time. The reason I say this is because nothing was lost or translated by bankers, copywriters and thieves. What you tell your fellow walking churches today is meant for them; directly.

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We walk on water when we are able to go against those spirits who seek to destroy our walking church. Those who tell us that we should not seek to help others–those who poison through media and other mass forms of communication are poisonous to our walking church and should no longer be invited.

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While buildings are symbolic for bodies, and outward churches and their materials can be destroyed… physical bodies can be destroyed as well, but you keep the materials gained like the air and its traveled distances. The universe often attend our walking church sermons, and silences itself so that our words can make it think. What we think, it gives, based on our sermon. The good we receive has a popular term, and that term is “blessings,” but weren’t we there for the sermon? It is called a “blessing” because we are getting “less” than the value because we were blind to our own sermon.

You are the church, I am the church, your family is the church, your friends are the church and we are all walking churches. Pay 10% to your own church. People learn yoga, meditation, eating right, do good unto others are all valuable. Learn The Art of Being Selfish and build on that 10% and make it more over time and that being within you will start to show up even more.

In Conclusion:

The walking church is a non-profit organization and becomes more stable through donations. Your donations or charity to others help to keep it going. Charity as in a smile, a good word, grace etc. is all forms of charity and donations that is seen by the highest of highest as a tax-deductible (karma). The being within us loves to give charity or donations and it let’s us know that.

Thank you for listening to my sermon. My name is Pastor Yourself. Now please spread the word to your fellow walking churches.

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