Everyone gets into down moods at least occasionally. The trick is knowing how to manage those feelings in healthy ways when you’re feeling down, thereby improving the chances you’ll have a brighter outlook in no time. Below, you’ll find some inspiration for activities and places that could boost your mood.

Listen to Tunes

The lyrics and rhythms of favorite tunes can quickly refresh perspectives and serve as reminders that hard times are only temporary. In some cases, you may feel it’s counterproductive to listen to songs that are extremely upbeat. Because they are so happy, it may be hard to relate to them.

You may find it more beneficial to instead filling your playlist with songs written by people who truly understand what it’s like to go through times that seem dismal. Then, you can feel comforted by what others have felt like in your mood, or handled similar experiences.

Go for a Walk or Run

Physical activity can be a natural mood booster because it produces endorphins. Also, if your mood is causing you to be so upset you have extra nervous energy, the movement and purpose of exercise could quickly calm your emotions and clear your head.

Explore a Nature Trail

Sometimes the combination of fresh air, warm sun and the crunching sound of leaves or grass under your feet can be enough to uplift your spirits when life takes a bad turn. There’s a good chance you’ll find at least one nature trail in your town. Some of them may even be pet friendly, allowing you to get some quality time with a furry friend.

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Make a Meal

Whether you are an accomplished chef or just have a few favorite foods you like to cook at home, consider tying on your apron, washing your hands, rolling up your sleeves and starting to make a delicious recipe. The methodical act of cooking may be enough to stop you from being preoccupied with your bad mood. Furthermore, the feeling of accomplishment you get for making something that tastes good should also lift your spirit.

Head to a Music Festival

Music festivals unite attendees via a common love of not just their favorite artists, but also the larger-than-life atmosphere that is characteristic of these big gigs. Everywhere you look, your gaze is likely to fall across customized structures that put the acts in full view, not to mention art installations and tents. When you’re around people who love music as much as you do, plus in such a surreal environment, a dismal mood isn’t likely to linger for long.

Also, research has shown people feel happier even when they’re merely anticipating music that’s about to be played. Thinking about what’s to come is sometimes enough to stimulate dopamine, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel good. That means you may find your mood gets better even when you’re still en route to the gathering.

Call a Friend

The insight from a close friend could get you back on track when you’re feeling low. Even if that person can’t solve the problem that’s making you upset, he or she can likely at least provide comfort, letting you know you’re not alone. Also, if the person knows you well enough to understand what makes you laugh, you may disconnect from the call with a genuine smile instead of a frown.

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Read a Book

It can become easy to get fixated on your bad mood if your mind is not occupied enough. When that happens, you’re prone to dwell on all the things that are making you feel stressed and despairing rather than doing what you can to move forward.

Keep your mind active in a therapeutic way by getting engrossed in a good book. Try to steer clear of titles with themes that might make you feel more upset.

You can also continue by writing down your thoughts about the book in a journal after finishing a reading session. The more opportunities you make to nurture your mind with topics and pondering’s that aren’t negative, the more likely it is you’ll be able to banish your blue mood, all because you don’t have time to think so much about whatever made you upset.

The way you feel can affect things like motivation, productivity and coping mechanisms. Hopefully the ideas on this list are enough to convince you that a more positive outlook is possible by being mindful of the ways you spend your time.

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