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time management tips for bloggers

Consistency can be rather challenging for bloggers especially for those who aren’t professionals at it. Bloggers can’t lock themselves away for the whole day and keep their readers updated with posts every day. Most bloggers can only devote a few hours to do their blogging each week.

Bloggers have to meet the expectations of their target audience and their readers to get more recognition as well as more followers. Bloggers have to make sure that they maintain the quality of their content, keep up with the latest trends, provide feedback, and regularly update posts.

Following this, bloggers will have to effectively use the time they have to meet the expectations of their readers. Since no one can manage time, the best thing they can do in return is to manage how they do things, thus, saving time. Here are five time management tips for bloggers to keep up with deadlines for submitting content.

On-Time: 5 Time Management

Tips For Bloggers

time management tips for bloggers

Plot it Down

The most important way of managing your time as a blogger is to schedule everything you do before you start your day. Starting your morning without scheduling your tasks can easily make you procrastinate or binge on something unimportant. Following this, you’ll end up burning through your time in the morning, delaying your tasks until the next day.

Bloggers have to set short-term goals for themselves daily. Setting goals means you’re giving yourself a specific amount of time to complete the tasks you have to do. You don’t necessarily have to post three or more content every day, three or four every week will suffice. Three or four posts per week will certainly increase the growth of your readership.

You have to remember that you have a plan ready when you plot down your schedule for the day. Plans are also your friend when it comes to managing time since blogging isn’t only a particular task. Blogging consists of different tasks that will help increase readership such as commenting, reading, promoting, writing, and answering emails.

Another way to help you keep track of the schedules you’ve plotted down is to keep track of time. By always wearing a watch, you’ll always be aware of the time as well as be wary of how much time you’ve already spent on a specific task. You can even check out watchshopping.com, to find a watch that’s most convenient and budget-friendly for you.

Avoid Being Distracted

Distractions are bloggers’ number one enemy, it prevents you from completing important tasks on time. Although as a blogger, it can be difficult to avoid distractions such as Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram, since your tasks require the use of the internet. Apart from distractions preventing you from completing tasks on time, distractions will also kill your creativity.

Distractions are a huge creativity killer because it will prevent your mind from thinking outside the box. Your mind will depend on the information you see from the internet, thus, you won’t be able to think clever and unique ideas.

The only way you can avoid being distracted is if you increase your self-awareness. Following this, you should know the do’s and don’ts when it’s your time to write content. The schedule that you’ll be plotting every morning will serve as your guideline for your everyday tasks.

Prioritize Your Activities

The secret to doing your activities on time is similar to plotting down your schedule. For you to prioritize your activities, you have to make use of to-do lists. You have to keep in mind that ranking your activities from their importance won’t do you any good.

Instead, when writing your to-do lists, you have to know what are the activities that need to get done today, which of the tasks can wait until tomorrow or next week. Since you’re a blogger, there are different types of applications that could help you with your lists.

For instance, if you’re writing, you have to make sure that the only thing you’ll be doing for that given time is writing. If you don’t put your priorities into mind, you’ll end up being distracted, thus, you’ll also delay the completion of your activities.

Take it One Step at a Time

After you plotted your schedule for the day, prepared yourself to avoid distractions, and prioritized your activities for the day, you have to take your work one step at a time. Keep in mind that for you to produce high-quality work, your attention should never be interrupted.

Interrupted attention can lead you to free-wheel between each task whenever an idea pops up in your head. On the other hand, uninterrupted attention is similar to avoiding to be distracted. Doing tasks with undivided attention can prevent your brain from going rampant and killing your creativity.

Further, when writing, you don’t necessarily have to make a perfect content in one go. By taking it one step at a time, you can write multiple drafts. Writing multiple drafts prevent you from messing up the introduction and body of your posts. Following this, you can greatly benefit from it in the future, because you can easily identify your mistakes by then.

Have Fun With What You’re Doing

The last important part of time management that bloggers tend to forget is to have fun with what they’re doing. Forgetting to have fun will kill your creativity and imagination because your mind will only think about stress and tiredness.

You’ll burn yourself out if you work yourself tirelessly without remembering to have fun. Bloggers also tend to forget that the reason why they started blogging was because of their passion. Passion is in line with having fun, you won’t have the motivation to do something if you don’t have the passion to do it.

One way you can have more fun while you work is to take on projects you’ve never done before. Taking on projects you’ve never pondered over can be a challenge, in that way, you’ll be able to enhance your skills and bring a smile to your face.


Bloggers always tend to have problems with submitting their projects on time. Always being delayed with tasks related to their blog will greatly reduce their readership. Bloggers have to keep in mind the importance of plotting their schedules down, avoiding distractions, prioritizing activities, doing tasks one step at a time, and having fun.

With those 5 time management tips for bloggers, they’ll always have more time than expected. Since you really can’t control time, the best way to manage it is by organizing their routine. Organizing their routine would mean that they have full control of their blogging tasks, thus, always having more time to spare for non-blogging related activities.

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