The terrible twos are well, terrible. Okay, this may be an exaggeration, but the terrible twos are definitely a force to be reckoned with. After all, two is an awkward age to begin with. Two year old’s are too old to be considered babies, and too young to run along with the big boys/girls. Poor kids, they are caught in the middle of a mid, mid, mid-life crisis. So I guess what I have learned so far is to cut the little guys some slack. So here are a few tips that might save you a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (that may be a little dramatic but you get my drift).

girl-563719_1280Keep It Together

At all costs you have to keep your composure in front of your two year old. Once you start to become unraveled the whole operation starts to fall apart. As the commander and chief in charge you have to lead with confidence. Once the enemy, (I mean your sweet little two year old) starts to smell fear, they know they have you where they want you. So don’t let your toddler see you sweat. If you need to go into a closet or your room and scream, please feel free to do so, I actually recommend it. However, just do not let your toddler see you lose it (I’m working on this myself).

Strategic Bargaining

Yes, I know that bargaining with a toddler can be dangerous but if done just right, it can be successful. When bargaining with a toddler you have to make it seem like you’re not really bargaining. Let’s say your toddler is throwing a temper tantrum for a particular toy that they want, tell him/her that if they complete whatever set task you decide at the moment (pick up their toys, put away their shoes, etc.) they can have their toy. By doing this you can give in, without them knowing you are giving in. So, they still had to earn their toy, but at least the screaming may stop a little sooner because you can secretly give in and give them what they want.

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Roll Over and Play Dead

Sometimes ignoring your toddler’s tantrums is your best option. Two year old’s can be relentless. There are going to be some times that no amount of talking, bargaining, or strategic warfare will stop your toddler from rolling around the floor kicking and screaming. In cases such as these you have to simply just walk away and act like you don’t see them going exorcist in the middle of the floor. Turn on the television, or pick up a book and act like you are in complete bliss. At first this will infuriate your toddler, but stick to your guns, and eventually he/she will pick themselves up off of the floor. This exercise will require a lot of patience and endurance.

Patience Is King

Patience, patience, patience. This is the secret code word for getting through the terrible twos. Without patience you are lost in the sauce, up the creek without a paddle, or like trying to eat a soup sandwich…in other words it just doesn’t work. Having patience with your toddler during this stage is extremely hard, and there will be times that you lose it. However, when you fall off that horse named patience, saddle up and hop right back on. It will be hard not to scream at them, and throw a temper tantrum yourself, but remember that you are in control, and patience is your secret weapon. You may have to put on some headphones and play your favorite song, or keep an inspirational saying within arm’s reach; just find that combination of things that helps keep you calm.

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What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Everything. show your toddler as much love as you can. After they settle down from almost starting WWIII, grab them and hold them. Make sure you give them hugs and kisses and remind them that you love them. Yes, two year old’s can be “terrible” but remember that it is just a phase. During this time they need a little extra attention. I know sometimes it can be at the most inconvenient times but sometimes if you just give them those few minutes of extra attention, it can save you quite a bit of sanity.

It Doesn’t Last Forever

The best news of the day is that guess what? It doesn’t last forever. So remind yourself that one day this phase will be over. In the meantime get yourself a year’s worth of gift cards to Star Bucks, some L’Oreal to dye those grey hairs, and hang on for the ride baby!

Written By: Brittany M. of Laugh Out Loud Mommy

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