Looking for ways to make your home feel more warm and welcoming? Read on for some great tips on how you can do just that.

1. Personalizing your home

Incorporating your personality through DIYs or family pictures makes your home feel like it really belongs to you. After a long tiring day looking back at souvenirs or family photos can really relieve your stress.

2. Fresh flowers

Incorporate fresh flowers in your home because they are a great way to make your home look fresh and airy. They also make it smell really good. But this is what a lot of people don’t think about doing because they think it’s going to be too expensive or too hard to keep the flowers looking good. But it’s actually really easy. Look for something unique and creative to put your flowers in. The key to keeping the design modern is to choose flowers that have clean lines. For example you can go for purple alliums. Their long stems and simple circles are very contemporary. Make sure to keep the water fresh.

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3. Candles

Another way to make your home smell good and feel very welcoming is to add some scented candles. A candle in a pretty container adds grace to a room even if you don’t light it.

4. Soft items

Add some soft and cozy items to the room. Soft items can be things like a rug, throw blanket over the edge of a couch or throw pillows. Rugs are perhaps the best way to add personality to a room. You can check out overdyed rugs for sale online that will tie the interior of the whole room together.

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5. Books

If you love to read then you presumably have a lot of hard back books. They are a lot of fun to decorate with. When you take a book and remove the plastic or the paper cover off of it then a lot of times you’ll find that it has the most interesting color and texture. It adds so much personality, depth and intrigue to a room to have books. You can also stack books horizontally and put candles on them to spice them up. Books can also be used to make book ends. Smaller books can be used to keep the larger ones in place.

6. Color

Color is one of the key ingredients to make a home feel inviting. Sunrise or sunset inspired colors or colors tinted with golden undertones always add coziness. These colors combined with moody or dramatic lighting adds a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Color can also create cohesiveness in a space and that can make it very inviting.

7. Clear coffee table

A clear coffee table brings new life to your living room. It can make your favorite rug really stand out and a see through surface makes a room seem bigger so it’s especially great for small spaces.

8. Home office

To make a home office the first thing you need is a desk. You can make an old chair look new by changing its cushion. Turn your favorite mugs to pen jars and make an inspiration board for any projects you’re working on.

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