Water damage that occurs due to floods or sewage backup can drastically affect the furniture of your house. As a matter of fact, this damage can severely impact their functional aspects and aesthetics too. During these situations there is just one thing that comes to your mind should you go for furniture reupholstery? This article will help you tackle the misery by coming up with various solutions that will help you get the most from your furniture. There are many ways in which you can preserve your furniture for long, and the main way is to remove water marks, water droplets and moisture accumulation from the surface of leather upholstery.

Furniture Reupholstery

Is it Possible to Salvage Furniture from Water Damage?

Whether or not your furniture is suitable to be salvaged with the help of reupholstery primarily depends upon the severity of the damage.

  • Here, it is always advised to go with certified professionals for the reupholstery as they are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to give your furniture the look and feel that it had before. You must never experiment with leather upholstery as there are specific ways to take care of these, and you must follow the terms and maintenance conditions given by the upholstery company.
  • If handled in an appropriate manner, majority of your furniture can have that brand new look after reupholstery services which are done by professionals, after a thorough inspection.
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The Procedure Used for Furniture Reupholstery

For water damaged furniture the professional first examines various aspects and then determines which parts should be reupholstered. They begin with a cleaning process to remove the deposited dust or dirt and then dry them so as to get rid of the unwanted moisture that has prevailed due to damage. After drying the furniture the professionals fix different parts with the help of fabrics, veneers and other possible elements required for the process of reupholstery.

Furniture Reupholstery

The thing is when you have professionals for the job who are experienced to handle the task then the work can be completed with perfection. And what’s best about it, you can get your amazing furniture back at about 25% of the value from what you might have to spend for purchasing a brand new set of furniture.

Certain Tips to Follow To Protect Furniture during Water Damage

Water damage can be unpredictable and thus taking preventive steps is always important so that you will never have to repent later. Whenever water damage occurs in your house then there are five simple steps that you can follow to ensure that little or no damage is created by water on the furniture

  • Transfer your furniture immediately to a dry space or an area when it can dry quickly. The idea here is to place them in rooms which are bit warmer that would facilitate in the drying process. However, never dry the furniture under direct sunlight as it makes the wood buckle which would again cause further damage.
  • For furniture that is heavy or fixed you should try to dry it at the place itself. Try to use baking soda as this would drag excess moisture from them. Proper ventilation facilities do not lead up to moisture build-up, so your furniture does not require reupholstery, if their condition remains good.
  • If nothing can be done, and you are puzzled about what to be done next then contact professionals immediately. Because if you leave your furniture exposed to the water damage for a long period of time then at last even furniture reupholstery will not be able to save your furniture. Hence, it is always advised to make your move on time.
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If your furniture gets damaged by water then do not replace them rather go with reupholstery that will allow you to get back your furniture just the way it was at minimal expenses. If you want more details about furniture reupholstery then just visit this link to get more beneficial information.


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