Are you hoping to take on a short DIY project this weekend? Or you want to find the best way of finishing those projects more quickly and easily. Take some time to get together all of the tools that are currently in your toolbox to see if any of them need upgrading or even replacing.

Are there any key tools that you’re missing? If you want to know the essential home improvement tools for every DIY project, check out this list of all the best basic essentials in every toolbox. This will ensure that you have all the equipment on hand to embark on any DIY projects of your choice!

Power Tools

Hammer Drill: An essential piece for hanging artwork or anchoring furniture into masonry or concrete.

Jigsaw: Do you have an interest in more creative projects? Then a jigsaw is a perfect tool for you, but you should always choose a good brand if you’re likely to use it frequently.

Orbital Sander: If you’re planning on refurbishing vintage furniture, an orbital sander will strip the finish and make it ready for repainting in no time.

Cordless Drill: Ok, it’s true, you could always use a standard screwdriver, but who wouldn’t want to complete their project more quickly and enjoy more free time? An 18-volt or 20-volt cordless drill is adequate for most needs.

Standard Non-Electric Tools

Measuring Tape: Both small and long measuring tapes will prove invaluable to a range of projects. Watch this video to learn to read your measure tape correctly:

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Step Ladder: An absolute essential for high up DIY projects, you should always make sure that your chosen step-ladder is sturdy enough to take your weight. If you live in a small home, you should also choose one that folds up small enough for convenient storage.

Hammer: You are going to need a practical and versatile hammer if you are only going to keep one in your toolbox. Choose one that will be perfect for a host of different project types, especially one that is perfect for driving in nails for hanging pictures and other types of wall art.

Level: You can benefit from having more than one size of level available, from the smaller ones right up to a long 24″ one. You should also make sure to get one with vertical and horizontal vials.

Screwdriver Set: Yes, we did suggest that you get a cordless drill, but there are times when only a screwdriver will do, especially when working in small spaces or when you need to work quietly. Choose a set with lots of different sizes for most flexibility.

X-Acto Knife and Cutting Mat: Although some cutting jobs require a saw, there is a surprising number of projects that can be completed using a good quality hand blade.

Staple Gun: There is no quicker or easier way to finish a whole host of DIY projects, and a staple gun is also the perfect quick fix solution to all kinds of problems around the home.


If you are a keen DIY enthusiast, there are bound to be certain tools in your kit that you will find indispensable for your varied projects around the home. This guide to the essentials will give you a great starting point for any tool box and will give you a greater range of flexibility and freedom when it comes to selecting home improvement projects.

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