Keeping a blog can seem tedious at times. Especially for niches like travel, tech or lifestyle blogs that require constant updates and new content every now and then. Hence, it is critical that you take into consideration the words and the visuals your readers will see once they visit your site. Creating content is different from creating engaging content.

Make use of the following blogging tools to keep your blog up-to-date and interesting to your audience.

Blog Topics Generator

When you feel stuck and can’t think of a topic, Hubspot has its Blog Topics Generator to save you from worries. The only thing you need to get ideas going are three words. Yes, you just enter three words into Hubspot’s tool, and a list of a week’s worth of topics will be given to you. You are given suggestions on how a single idea can be turned into a variety of content written from different angles or in other forms such as quizzes or lists.

Assignment Masters

If your audience will read posts that do not appeal to them for reasons such as lack of cohesion, and poor editing, well, don’t expect them to come back to your site. Remember, you may have good topics but how these are written and presented to your target audience also matters. A well-written content is a high consideration in generating traffic to your blog. AssignmentMasters offers you a solution to this need with their professional writing help services. Their seasoned writers and editors can help polish your content so that you can grab and sustain your readers’ attention.

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Death to the Stock Photo

Another consideration to increasing blog traffic aside from content is images. You would prefer reading posts accompanied by appropriate and compelling images, wouldn’t you? Go to Death to the Stock Photo for inspirations, or sign up to receive a monthly e-mail with royalty-free, high-resolution images that you can incorporate to your blog. With the sheer amount of web information and distractions vying for the attention of your readers, creating a visually-appealing blog will definitely be a good mark for you.

Yoast SEO Plugin

When increasing traffic to your blog, you need to keep in mind that optimization is a key factor. You want your blog high on the list churned out by search engines, and SEO tools are helpful to achieve this goal. If you are a WordPress blog user, then SEO writing is made easier for you with the Yoast SEO plug-in! It provides you with a real time page analysis that allows you to set your meta descriptions, enter a focus keyword, and adjust your XML sitemaps among other optimization tools. Oh, and the Yoast SEO plugin is also free so you have no excuse not to try it out.


What better way to take advantage of all your social networking sites than to make it a distribution platforms of your blog content? Buffer is the perfect social media management tool for you if you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. It allows you to schedule your posts so you can share them to your readers, followers, and fans at the best possible times, and customize posting according to your selected social media networks. Another plus is that you can create your own images in Buffer.

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After the interesting topics and fascinating images, nurture your relationship with your audience by establishing connections with them through an e-newsletter. MailChimp offers you a thousand possibilities to keep in touch with your readers and update them on your content through automated campaigns. You can select from their template references or create your own to reflect your blog’s personality. Their user-friendly drag and drop designer feature will have you feeling like a pro. Do note that MailChimp is only free for accounts that have less than 2,000 contacts on their list.

These are only a few of the numerous blogging tools that can help you with your blog. Find the tools that you feel at ease using while catering to your needs and helping you achieve your goals. Keep creating and the rest will follow.

Written By:

Mary Kleim

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