In the world of reality each and every individual wants to travel to a place where he/she can enjoy to the maximum. Though each and every country has its best destination places, there are countries with in fact best destination places than others probably in terms of attraction sites, infrastructure, hospitality of the people, and also best restaurants. The following are top 10 destination places in the world:


  • This is the capital city of France. It is one of the best cities in the world in terms of food, atmosphere, wine and the history. In fact many people regard this city as the city of light.
  • Since the city is very big, you can explore it all in one visit. Though it will take time to see everything in the city, you will finally get a good idea of it.


  • This is the capital city of Netherlands. Besides the coffee shops and red lights, it contains more shops. While in Amsterdam you will be able to see brick streets weave and cobblestone around lovely canals.
  • When you get out of the city center, you will be able to see wonderful outdoor cafes of Jordan and Oost. The hospitality of the local people who are willing to help you out, makes the place a good destination.

The Greek Island

  • These are islands where you can relax during summer. The islands of Kos and Crete are famous with destinations for Brits, Mykonos is a luxury island and Santorin Island has rich history.
  • In these hundreds of islands, it is possible to find everything that you are looking for.
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  • It is the second largest city in Spain where you can relax. It is a metropolitan city operating 24 hours a day throughout the week.
  • There is also a wonderful beach where you can have a walk. Also, it has a lot of history that dates back to the Roman era.


  • This is the capital city of England. While here, you will experience the rich culture of the English people.
  • The city consists of the best museums in the world and more importantly, they feel free. The city provides great food. When you go to Brick Lane you will experience some amazing Sunday food markets.


  • Being Germany’s capital city, it offers a beautiful destination to many people visiting Germany.
  • It is the most affordable capital city in Europe with vibrant music and a growing food movement.
  • It composes one of the best museums in the world with a rich history. You will be able to taste some cheap food from the Middle East.


  • This is the capital city of Italy. It is a historical city with amazing food and nightlife. While in Rome you are to visit Trastevere area that contains bars with local drinks.


  • It is situated in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. This is a good place to be in order to enjoy good hikes and outdoor sports.
  • It is also a famous destination for even young travelers.


  • It is a city in Australia. This is where you can have favorite family leisure and entertainment. The coastal of this city offers a perfect place to walk, such as the golden beaches and dramatic headlands.
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  • It is Thailand’s capital city. The culture and foods of the Thailand people and also the wild animal reserves makes it a good destination.

Apply ESTA prior to making visits to these world famous destinations.

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