The key to a successful workspace lies in how it is designed in look, layout and function. If you want to be truly creative in your office, there are a number of ground-breaking techniques you can use. These will encourage better ideas, morale and productivity within your commercial setting, allowing your business to excel above and beyond your expectations.

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1. Outdoor Work Settings

While the conventional office is located indoors, studies have shown people may work better when outside. If you can include an external area in a garden or courtyard, you can give your employees somewhere to sit and work and gain inspiration while being surrounded by nature. Make sure they have enough shade by planting plenty of trees and installing some awnings and umbrellas for protection in case the weather turns bad unexpectedly. For assistance, seeking the help of fit out companies such as those offering expert office design in Melbourne is great and convenient.

2. Quiet Private Areas

While a workplace with a decent level of background noise promotes synergy and a feeling of togetherness, sometimes employees need a quiet moment to themselves. Include some private areas in your office for your employees to:

  • Relax and gather their thoughts
  • Increase their sense of focus
  • Create ideas that grow your business

Just remember to make sure there is somewhere comfortable for your workers to sit and work when designing these quiet office areas.

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3. Shared Desk Spaces

If you’re still in the mind-set that there should be one person for one desk, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity: the communal workspace. This is an area which isn’t allocated to any staff member in particular, where people can come for a change of scenery. This allows different people to sit next to each other and interact even though they may not generally work together.

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4. Games and Leisure Rooms

It’s also important for employees to take a short break from work during the day. By including a games room in your office, your staff can let off some steam and relax their minds for a while. Some good ideas include:

  • Pool tables
  • Air hockey
  • Games consoles
  • Fiction library

Ask your staff what activities they prefer to do in their free time and see if you can include these within your newly designed creative office space.

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5. Natural Interior Designs

This idea follows on from point number one in that it includes a more natural working environment. Here though, you can bring the outside into your office through some clever design choices:

  • Adding pot plants to the office
  • Planting turf in your interiors
  • Installing windows and skylights

If you make it seem like your workplace is outdoors despite the walls and roof, your workers will be far more relaxed and productivity will increase as a result. Again, whether your office is in Melbourne or in Bangkok, consulting with fit out and design companies for assistance is a good idea.

By implementing these techniques within your overall workplace design, you can then take care of your business needs and staff well-being in one full swoop. Design your office in a truly creative manner and you can then expect great things of your company thanks to the positive effects that these inspirational spaces can bring.

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Alex Christo

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