Digital marketing has always been a volatile, erratic and impulsive industry. Keeping up with the trend can be an errand that can always keep you busy. The demands for the job are changing and digital marketers have to regularly come up with new actionable strategies to attract the attention and take measurable steps towards business goals. For quite a long time, internet has been altering the ways information is passed on. However, in the last couple of years, there has been a dramatic shift along inbound digital marketing lines. Several companies are implementing more of inbound strategies that range for greater social media penetration to increased brand awareness. Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends that are going to govern the online business in 2015.

1. Following the Mobilegeddon

Responsive web designing was so far an option/opportunity to exploit. However, after April 21st, 2015, Google has ensured that online businesses that haven’t yet turned themselves responsive will not get a rank in mobile searches. With more number of end users/customer using mobile devices for their web searches, responsive web designing makes it easier for them to find businesses that relate to their search queries. Further, responsiveness makes it easier to browse through sites that were previously meant for desktop users and not optimized for smaller screens. Google now requires online businesses to work upon their website and make it user-friendly for the growing number of mobile users.

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2. Even bigger content marketing

Content has always been the king and will continue to remain so. The quality of information dictates the traffic volume and quality of leads. Today’s customers aren’t mere buyers but informed decision makers. They will go to a great extent to ensure that they are partnering up with businesses that showcase quality, credibility and ingenuity. Content is the first step in the process of winning their trust.

3. Smarter email marketing

A decade ago, sending away newsletters on email was a sure shot way to gain a substantial amount of new and returning customers. However, times have changed and customers today are more wary about who they share their email addresses with. Further, irrelevant and ‘pressing’ notifications and mails will only lead to un-subscription of membership/readership. Email marketing needs to get smarter for businesses that are willing to turn the tables to succeed. The information passed should not only have a commercial aspect but be worthy of the time a reader spends upon it. It’s no more about sending more emails but sharing quality and value added content.

4. A human touch to interaction

2015’s digital marketing has grown up from trying to sell the corporate lingo. If a business wants to succeed, it has to make interaction more two-way by encouraging users to share experiences, give feedback, ask questions and similar things. Businesses and brands need to connect to each and every customer at a more personal level which will eventually result in long lasting trust building. Happy customers will ensure better conversions.

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Digital marketers in 2015 will have to be more dynamic and creative. One needs to stop relying too much on Google or Facebook to spread the work. Think of new ways to reach the target audience. With competition increasing; if one brand sits quiet, it will certainly be overthrown.

Written by: Michael Thomas

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