Christmas is fast approaching. As the season gets colder for those in the northern hemisphere, it becomes even more imperative to start decorating for Christmas. Although this seems like an overwhelming task, it does not need to zap all of your energy. Once you have set up every décor in the house, it will be all worth it. It is in fact a magical celebration that requires decorations.

If you want to start your Christmas decoration, here are the parts of your home that you should be decorating:

1. Front Porch or Patio

This is the first thing that your guests see when coming up to your home. If you have a front porch or patio, enliven the ambiance by decorating it for Christmas season. A simple wreath on your door and some jingle bells on the knob can instantly add a feel of Christmas to your abode. You can experiment with these decors. Put fairy lights on your wreath or add in a few Christmas balls. You can customize it to fit the look and feel of your home. By decorating your front porch, you are providing a cheerful appearance to your home and to everyone who comes into your home.

2. Garage

Aside from adorning your front porch, you also need to jazz up your garage for everyone to see. This is another thing that your neighbors and other passersby will immediately see. Add beautiful displays on your garage to make the gray sky seem bearable. A crafty way to decorate your garage is by adding Christmas greetings on it. These can be magnetic Christmas decorations that are affordable. You can also use traditional Christmas figures like deer, Christmas tree or lanterns. Simple wreaths can also make your garage ready for the festive season.

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3. Living Room

Since this is the place where you entertain your guests and where your family usually hangs out, it is ideal to dress up your living room for the festivities. If you have a chimney, hang all of your stockings. Although this is a traditional way of decorating for Christmas, it still does not go old. The little knickknacks in this room should also coincide with the design theme that you’re going for. The living room is the best room to place your Christmas tree, if you have one. It needs to be the focal point in your living room so you have to choose one that will match the rest of your decorations.

4. Kitchen and Dining Room

This season is about spending your Christmas morning with the family. Extending the Christmas vibes in your kitchen and dining area is a must. Some people even have Christmas dinners together which makes setting up for the occasion a necessity. Doing so makes meals even more memorable. Since you’re already decorating other areas in your house, you don’t need to go all out in your kitchen or dining room. You can start by adding fairy lights on your chandelier and by incorporating holiday colors into your chinaware. Adding festive colors and patterns on your cushions and chairs is also an easy way to dress it up for the season.

5. Bedroom

The easiest way to spice up your bedroom in time for Christmas is by adding Christmas lights. Since you are staying longer in your bedroom than in any other parts of the house, it would make you feel more festive if you’ve decorated it for Christmas. Since Christmas is a cozy holiday, make your bedroom even more comfortable by adding a few Christmas decorations. You can use Christmas-themed pillows and blanket for your bed. Add Christmas lights on the headboard for that magical ambiance. This ensures that you’ll immediately feel the Christmas spirit after waking up.

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You don’t need to decorate all these parts at once. You can start by decorating one room at a time. Move on to the next one if you’re already available.

Setting up your home for Christmas can also be a fun activity for the whole family. Give every member a task and let everyone lend a hand. Decorating is an activity that lets everyone express their creativity. Ask every member for ideas and let them pitch in. By making sure everyone participates in your decoration project, your home will surely sing Christmas cheer throughout the season.

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