When most people think about the country Australia, clean water and air, outback open spaces, koalas and kangaroos come to mind. However, Australia has so much to offer besides its beautiful weather, wildlife and landscapes.

In fact this friendly, vibrant and young country has been rated as one of the finest countries to reside in the world. As a student, you are offered an opportunity to grow, learn and live. Australia is an ideal spot if you are searching for a good lifestyle and a superior education.

The Government of Australia made an announcement on the 22 of September 2011 regarding various measures in order to improve the competitiveness for Australia’s “International” education sector. After the 5 November 2011, all student visas are now assessed against the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirement. Below are 7 top rated reasons that you should consider Australia as your destination to study.

1. High Standard of Living

Australia is well-known for its higher standards of living. This English-speaking nation is home to around 12.5 million people and there are individuals from more than 190 countries who currently reside there. The diverse cultures make Australia a highly attractive location for students searching for a country to study in. In addition, Australia offers a high quality standard in education.

2. Affordable Cost of Living

The costs involved in pursuing an education as well as residing in Australia has been determined between 40% and 60% less compared to countries like the UK and the USA.

3. High Quality Living Conditions

Australia has been noted as the next type of “sought after” destination after the USA, when considering the living conditions, quality and numbers. More than 1000 Indian students as well as other students worldwide stay in Australia in order to study each and every year.

4. Various Courses on Offer

The Australian Universities are well-known for providing a multitude of courses that meet up with a number of student requirements. The infrastructures and curriculum’s are up to date and the faculties result-oriented.

5. Easy Admittance

A special advantage available for any Indian students involves a similarity between Australian and Indian education systems. Both these systems are mostly based on British education systems, which make it an easier process for most students to attain admittance to most levels devoid of the hassles involved in credential evaluations or a university review involving qualifications.

6. Post Study “Work Visas” Available

University graduates in Australia who have managed to complete a Masters or bachelor degree by coursework are eligible for applying for a “post-study” work visa of up to 2 years. University graduates that have completed PhD degrees or a Masters “by research” become eligible for applying for either a 3 or 4 year “post-study” work visa.

7. Smooth Visa Processing

Universities in Australia have confidence that most of the students will have their Australia visa applications processed in a quick and efficient manner.

Students, who apply for a visa application with the proposed “streamlining arrangements” in place, typically have a reduction in evidentiary requirements. Most of the Universities in Australia are recognized for their excellence in various disciplines. The institutions deliver career-orientated and practical training that results in graduates that are confident in the skills they acquire.

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