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Pets are man’s entertainer, home buddy, stress reliever, exercise partner and a family member. No matter how we look at our pets, and aside from the companionship we have with them, we also derive health benefits in owning a pet. Here are the top eight benefits some people don’t realize from owning a pet.

1. You’re more active

Pets like big dogs have excessive energy that must be let out for them not to be agitated. That is why most dog owners actually take time out and go for a long walk with their dogs. It lets out the excessive energy the pet has and at the same makes you, the pet owner, more active.

2. Prevents loneliness

Pets are attention grabbers (especially when you’re trying to relax!). They would do anything just for their human pals to take notice of them. They would wiggle their tails, jump around, roll over, bark, chirp and even lick in between people’s toes. With all of this action, loneliness would not be an issue for pet owners.

3. Reduces depression

Depression can arise from a lot of things. It could be from problems, stress, self-pity and many more. These are kept emotions wherein there is no outlet for it to be released. However having a pet lets you forget all those things that cause depression and have a positive outlook on life.

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4. Helps you become a social butterfly

Having a dog, adorable cats and unique birds catches attention of neighbors or even strangers which could not refrain themselves from asking questions or even just striking up a conversation. This could lead to an additional friendship that would later on make you more active in your social life.

5. Helps with stress relief

Going home to a wagging, adorable dog that’s waiting for you is a big stress reliever. It recognizes your presence and makes you feel how happy they are that you are there. This one thing alone will let you forget how stressful your day was.

6. According to the CDC, pets can help reduce your cholesterol and triglycerides

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cited that pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol level, triglyceride levels and feelings of loneliness, and at the same time it could increase your opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and opportunities for socialization.

7. Helps parents teach kids responsibility

Pets are living things that must be taken care of. They are not toys that you could throw away when you do not like them anymore. Kids with pets must learn how to be responsible pet owners. Despite their young age they must learn to address the needs of their pets.

8. Dogs have been rumored to be able to sniff out cancer

There are new discoveries now that dogs could sniff cancer at an early age with 88% specificity and 99% sensitivity. Dogs can be trained to sniff out cancer and now even urinary tract infections could be sniffed out by dogs also. We have to say though that there is no alternative than getting checked out by a real doctor.

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These top eight health benefits of owning a pet show to us how our loved pets give to us more than what we could give to them. So give your pet simply a touch on the back to show your appreciation. Better yet, shut off the computer for a bit and take them for a walk – they’ll love you for it!

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This post was provided by Joe of Advantage Pet Center in Largo, Florida.  Joe writes about many different pet topics including health, training and more.

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