“There is no nightlife in Spain. They stay up late but they get up late. That is not nightlife. That is delaying the day.” – Ernest Hemingway Click To Tweet

These are times of crisis, but stag or hen parties are still a unique opportunity to discover new places accompanied by friends. Although many continue to opt for nights in entertainment venues within their home cities, many other farewells are celebrated by organizing getaways and celebrations all over the world or just find destination among top places to visit in Spain.

What used to happen at home suddenly doesn’t become important and what usually matters is to have a great time and offer goodbye to the groom or the bride in the most spectacular way

However, some Spanish cities indeed have a greater tradition in the celebration of bachelor parties and they have become a preferred destination when organizing such celebrations. 

In the following lines, we will select 8 best destinations in Spain for a bachelor and hen experience that you can never go wrong.



Amazing Party in the Club - SolVibrations

If you want to enjoy a real farewell in one of the big European cities, Madrid is prepared to meet any demand however they might be extravagant. It’s no wonder why bachelor’s party nights in Madrid are some of the most legendary in all of Europe. 

The Spanish capital combines the most “Friskies” of plans with traditional activities, so you can find alternatives for all tastes. 

The night, of course, does not disappoint. Malasaña, Chueca or Argüelles are some of the areas that are the places to be if you are looking for a top-notch nightlife experience.



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The Andalusian city offers multiple attractions to celebrate a bachelor or hen party in the way it was always meant to be. Strolling through the narrow streets full of shops in the Albaicín neighborhood and enjoying the terraces satisfies every visitor. 

Taking advantage of the city’s benevolent climate and the Granada’s tapas are two recommended plans regardless of the reason for your stay. 

Its wide range of nightlife offer also guarantees around a plan to dismiss singleness and numerous attractive places simply magnetize you to stay until morning.



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The global Balearic island of party and fun is an option that never fails. Its nightlife, outdoor activities and good weather make this place a unique place for singles who want to have a great time. 

You can also stroll through its narrow streets and enjoy different Ibizan markets. A catamaran trip with DJ, water activities, live shows, open bar, and barbecue is a good option if you choose this destination.



Riviera Restaurant During the Night - SolVibrations

Undoubtedly one of the most recommended cities to celebrate a bachelor or single party. Salamanca is the Spanish university city par excellence. And everyone knows that the party is closely linked to the university environment. 

There are many options to guarantee a memorable spree, but it is recommended that it be during the university course to prevent the city from losing students and the environment decays.



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A cosmopolitan city like the Catalan capital could not be missing in this list. Its offer is wide and varied and it also has the advantage of having a coast, with which there are multiple aquatic activities adapted for farewell groups. 

In Barcelona, the protagonists of the farewell will be able to alternate the most varied activities during the day with endless nighttime revelry in terms of nightlife representation.



Sky View of the Seaside City Harbour - SolVibrations

One of the cities that has become a classic in northern Spain to celebrate bachelor parties. 

Its wide leisure offer, its spectacular cuisine and landscapes, and its literal location make it a prominent destination for all those who want to celebrate a farewell in the Cantabrian in style.



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In this list, the capital of Rioja had to find its place. Laurel Street, packed with bars in which to take a skewer and wine, has become another classic in terms of leading to end singleness of our friend’s. 

Despite this, we must warn that in recent times many establishments on this street have prohibited access to the protagonists of farewells, so this destination has lost some of its appeals but definably not all of them.



Seaside City During the Night - SolVibrations

On the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm is one of the destinations par excellence for bachelor and single parties. With a multitude of establishments dedicated to leisure, the city of Alicante attracts thousands of people every year who choose to say goodbye to their bachelorhood. 

Its fame extends beyond the borders of Spain, so there are many foreigners, especially young Britons who come to Benidorm for their last party before sealing their marriage.


In Conclusion

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Spain was and still is the perfect place to celebrate bachelor or hen experience regardless of the place to celebrate it. The climate, tapas bars that follow you everywhere you go and restless “fiesta” energy of the locals is just enough for the great start. 

For the full-on Spain experience, we recommend that you visit the country in spring or summer time as this is the place when the best summer parties are thrown for foreigners that always leave amazed. 

Whenever you come the one thing is for sure and its that you will instantly want to come back for some of that sweet sweet party taste that these party cities can offer.

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