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Traveling in and out of the country is now more affordable than it was five to ten years ago. The US economy has bounced back, and the dollar is increasing in value.

Unfortunately, some economists suggest that the dollar’s strength is fleeting. That said, it’s ideal to capitalize on it and travel while you still get a big bang for your money.

Vacation Where Your Dollar Goes The Furthest

1. Dominican Republic

Situated in the eastern part of the Hispaniola island, the Dominican Republic allows traveling on a small budget. Despite your limited budget, you get a more authentic picture of the country and learn its culture.

Most of all, it’s the best time for you to learn a new language — Spanish. By being there for a few weeks, you can talk to some locals. It’s only when you speak to the people there you can appreciate the Spanish language and its fundamentals as you get to talk to people who are fluent in it.

As you improve your Spanish-speaking and writing skills, you can improve your English grammar, vocabulary and speaking skills.

2. Hungary

It’s a member of a European Union. However, it isn’t part of the Eurozone.

That said, it uses its local currency, which is on a decline compared to the US dollar.

Eating in a restaurant there is cheap. You can also find several affordable hotels, making it a safe country for budget travelers who have more time than money.

Even if you wish to have a luxurious experience there, you can still find accommodation in a high-end hotel that will only cost a fraction of what you pay in other European cities.

Hungary offers a lot of attractions that can motivate you to do some creative work, like finishing the novel you started a long time ago. Wherever you go here, you will meet other travelers who are, like you, want to connect with like-minded people.

3. India

A long-time favorite among those who have a limited budget for traveling. India lets you spend a day or a week without having to worry about money.

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But, even if you have a bit more cash to spend, you can still find great bargains there. It’s a great country to travel if you wish for your dollar to go far.

However, you need to adapt to its non-punctual transportation services. Going to India will help you realize that sometimes the best plans can go awry. Although you still have to do a thorough planning before visiting the country, it’s best to look at your plan as a general guideline, instead of a list of must-do things.

Once you do that, you’ll enjoy studying its culture and getting to know the locals.

4. Egypt

Even though it has some political woes in the past few years as featured in various news outlets, like the Tuko News and CNN, the US Department Of State did not issue a warning against traveling to this region as of this date. Its popular destinations are safe with the best infrastructure to start.

Overall, its attractions are affordable. Visiting its Pyramids of Giza will only require over $10. You can also stay in a clean hotel at just $25 a night.

And India is also the best place to go if you wish to de-stress. There are tons of places there intended for those who are on a spiritual vacation.

The healing holidays in India will help you realize that you don’t need the majority of things that you think you do. Osho International Meditation Resort, for instance, allows you to relax by learning tai chi, chi gong, and Zen archery.

Mediation allows you to free your mind from all the stresses of life, which are useless and bad for your health.

5. Vietnam

You may know the nation from many warm films as they used it as a backdrop. But these days, Vietnam is known for its vacation spots.

It has a French colonial blend and Eastern influences. It uses its local currency, i.e. the dong. Your $1 is worth about 20,595VND.

Its capital city, Hanoi, offers a lot of free activities. It provides you the opportunity to learn how to live in and the moment. It teaches you to use your time productively, instead of using it for nonsense pursuits.

While visiting its outdoor wartime sites or watch people practice tai chi, you can get the time to reflect on yourself: who are you? What do you want in your life? You can use hours of walking and wander to get to know yourself better.

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6. Peru

It offers a beautiful culture landmark without spending a lot. The US dollar there can get you 2.75PEN.

To get bargain meals, don’t go to fancy restaurants that serve foreign food. Instead, stick with smaller joints that offer local food, like chifa and cuy.

By eating local food and chatting with the locals, you can get exposure to Peru’s rich culture. You’ll meet people from different backgrounds with different viewpoints and beliefs.

By knowing how diverse we are, you learn how to be modest as you find out how little amount of space you have in this world. With this modesty, you can be more open-minded. You’ll be more open to new perspectives.

7. Romania

Bucharest is the country’s capital, and it’s also the largest city. However, if you wish your dollar to go far, opt to visit Sibiu, instead. It’s in the southern Transylvania. It has Germanic charm and stunning architecture with plenty of culture and music festivals.

And we all know that a music festival is the best time for you to meet people from across the world to share thoughts, ideas, and knowledge. While attending to one of its festivals, you might meet people with different experiences and skill-set than you.

Meeting them will teach you a thing or two. They become your travel buddies who can teach you something of value. The exchange of skills and ideas could help develop your problem-solving skills that you can implement in real-life. Build this skill by meeting different people with different approaches to a given problem at hand.

And the best thing about traveling to these places is that you’ll learn how to be more organized. Traveling is easy. But the most challenging part is how to organize your trip in advance.

To have a pleasant trip, you’ll need to budget, plan, research, etc. All of these things can help you handle life situations in a similar fashion.

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