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The UK during Christmas is one of the jolliest countries you can visit.

Most of the UK’s villages, towns and cities are decorated in the Christmas Spirit with beautiful and tall Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and host magical Christmas Markets. While visiting a Christmas Market you can smell mulled wine, cinnamon rolls, and other sweets spreading in the air. Christmas carols are always somewhere near and for a moment people feel like children again!

Where to go during Christmas in the UK, what presents to buy and what special traditions set Christmas in the UK apart from the rest of the world.

Celebrating Christmas Party in Leicester

Christmas Atmosphere

We are going to exclude London this time (sorry London), for many reasons. London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and it is very much magical during Christmas festivities. But we feel like that that has already become common knowledge and we want to surprise you with some cities you might not even hear of or never thought about visiting.

Leicester is definitely one of those cities that are very beautiful and jolly during Christmas. It is best known for the discovery of the body of King Richard III. But people from Leicester love their city for other reasons.

Christmas office party in Leicester is as merry and cheerful as is the Christmas Market! Leicester has some serious office parties going on in fantastic venues over the town. And of course, their Christmas Market only brings more joy to everyone who visits this town.

This year the Jubilee Square is going to have plenty of entertainment. From a beautiful Christmas tree, light bulbs and decorations to bring in the magic to various family fun activities. They are setting an ice rink, an Alice in Wonderland themed tableau, a Christmas Wheel of Light, you’ll also get to meet Santa and do all the shopping you want even in later hours.

Bath is another wonderful town with extra special cheery vibes during Christmas. Their Christmas Market was voted as one of the best in the UK. There you can enjoy singing well-known carols around the carol Christmas tree, go ice-skating, marvel the wonderful decorations and enjoy those cozy feelings that Christmas Markets always have. Bath also has plenty of stands that offer unique handmade goods, so your shopping experience will be worth it when you grab yourself a one of a kind item.

Some Great Gift Ideas

Christmas Decorations

There is nothing more lovely than receiving a well tough of a gift from the person you love. Not only do they show you that they care but they also show you that they know you and are thinking about you. But when buying someone a gift you don’t have to worry yourself too much with going with something extremely expensive or super unique, it’s important to remember that sometimes it’s better to give someone a useful gift that shows you care.

Stockings and socks are one of the most common gifts we receive as adults, which is kind of funny because as kids we used to hate getting them and we can’t get enough of them. If you happen to know someone who has been having trouble with their feet or works long hours standing or walking consider giving the only the top stockings for medical workers, which are beneficial for all. They are mostly worn by medical workers because they work extra-long shifts but anyone who stands a lot or travels frequent long hauls can benefit from compression socks.

If you want to surprise someone who has been complaining about not having their life together and just feeling kind of lost in the world, buy them a beautiful leather journal. People are visual creatures and when they see something beautiful they are automatically attracted to it, so buying your loved one a journal that is pleasing to the eye will automatically make them reach for it.

A journal is an extra special gift because Christmas time is the time we feel most hopeful and connected to friends and family. Starting a habit of writing your thoughts down at this time is an amazing opportunity to reflect and start the year we new insights, plans and a well thought of path.

What Traditions Are Specific for the UK

The Girl in Fron Of The Tree

You may have heard of some of these special UK Christmas traditions that are actually really sweet and bring all the more joy to the nation.

One of the most interesting traditions is the pulling of crackers and not the crispy eating kind. Crackers are cardboard tubes wrapped with colored foil. They described as something in between a fortune cookie and a turkey wishbone.

Pulling of crackers is usually done while dinner time and you pull the cracked with the person sitting next to you. The winner of the game is the person with most parts of the cardboard and is rewarded with some silly gifts.

As for food and drinks, people in the UK usually serve mince pies, Christmas pudding and wassail (mulled wine). Wassail means to be well and in the past, people used to go door to door with a spiced alcoholic beverage (usually mulled wine) and drink in good health. Today we just have mulled wine on every Christmas Market.

Another very different thing from the rest of the world is the yearly Royal Christmas broadcast. Since 1932 there has been radio broadcasts and later television broadcast of the British Royal Family that reflected on the last year with sharing a message of togetherness.

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