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guide to home renovations

It’s often been said that change is inevitable. But that statement might not ring true when you’re sitting in a dated living room or cooking for your family in a kitchen that could use some updates. Your surroundings are a reflection of who you are and how you feel. From the temperature to the lighting, the place you live has a significant connection to your mental and physical health. So why not turn your home into a place where you not only live—but where you thrive both mentally and physically. It’s time to embrace change and change it up to get those home renovations you’ve always wanted.

Why renovate? A change in the home isn’t just good for the soul by helping you to grow, it could be good for the bank account too. Depending on what your goal is, a remodel could actually raise the value of your home—sometimes drastically. A well-planned project can result in comfort, relaxation, and clarity. Imagine living in the home you’ve always dreamed of, like a home at One Dalton that’s part of a Four Seasons Hotel.

As a bonus: Your renovation can be part of your healthy lifestyle by choosing Eco-friendly materials to use. In addition to Eco-updates, upgrade your home’s tech to rival the integrated, world-class comfort of the apartments at NEMA Chicago.

Whether you’re doing a to-the-studs remodel of multiple rooms or a simple wallpaper change, here are the best tips for you when you’re remodeling.

Ultimate Guide to

Home Renovations

guide to home renovations

Plan and Plan Some More

This step is the first and most important one.

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Of course, you’ll plan for a remodel before you go through with it since it’s a major expense and could affect your quality of life. But after you make the initial plans, make certain that you have everything thought out thoroughly.

Look to homes around the country to get a sense of what you want and for some design inspiration. If you like natural laid-back comfort with a heavy dose of sophistication, check out 181 Fremont in San Francisco and pick your jaw off the floor after you see these gorgeous and sprawling homes in the sky. Or if you love a bit of over-the-top New York City glamor peruse the homes at 180E88—a little daydreaming about living in these luxe places never hurt anyone.

After you find your inspiration, double and triple check to make sure your measurements are correct, your materials are what you want and will look the same in your home to scale as they do in showrooms, and you have the right permits to do the work you plan to do. Write everything down, including dates and times the remodel is expected to take.

Before you hire anyone or buy anything, research, and read previous reviews. If you are hiring a contractor for the renovation, make sure to get trusted references from real people, not just online reviews. In fact, now might be a good time to ask your circle of friends if they know of anyone. This gives you the added benefit of being able to check out their handiwork in-person at your friends’ homes.

Money Matters

Part of planning includes creating a workable budget for your projects. Now is not a time to scrimp and save. You probably won’t have the budget of an equity firm like renown Madison Realty Capital (MRC), but there are ways to be savvy about spending without going overboard.

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Reuse and reclaim where you can. For example, perhaps your remodel involves new flooring, and an old building in town is getting demolished. Talk to the soon-to-be-demolished building’s owners and see if you can reuse any materials. You’ll save money and get those classic looking floors you’ve always wanted (and not cut down any trees).

Of course, you can always take on some projects yourself, thereby saving your tons of money and improving your self-esteem augmenting your skill set—trust us it feels terrific to live in a place you had a hand in building. The internet offers myriad tutorials for almost any task if you’re starting from zero, it’s a great place to learn and interact with others for tips and tricks.

Protect Your Possessions and Health

Major remodels bring with them a lot of movement about the house along with dirt and dusty. Seal off rooms where occurs to prevent particles from covering the rest of your home. We also suggest getting an excellent air purifier for the other places you’ll be spending most of your time in. Make sure you have at least one room where renovations aren’t going on to ease your mind.

Move any furniture, art, or other decor to a safe space if it’s in a high-reno-traffic area.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to budget some funds and schedule some time for self-care too, especially if you’re taking the DIY route. After all, these projects can be stressful, so take that yoga class or hit up the local cycle studio.

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