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Upgrade Your Child’s Room

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Any parent of a teenager can attest to the fact that it’s hard to come to terms with your little ones getting older. While it may not be easy to usher them into adulthood, there are small steps every family can take to help give their teens some much-needed independence, starting by making over their space. Ditching the balloon-print wall paper, stuffed animals, and baby clothes may tug at your heartstrings, but doing an interior upgrade on your kids’ space can make a major difference in how eager they are to spend those precious years leading to adulthood at home. If you’re eager to transition your children’s space into something more suitable for teens, follow these tips:

Upgrade Your Child’s Room

Ditch The Little Kid Paint Job

Those pastel hues that looked so adorable when your child was a preschooler probably aren’t aging as well as you’d hoped. Cotton candy pinks, blues, and teddy bear murals are unlikely to be winning combinations for most teens, so take some time to plan out a paint job that will better suit their needs as they get older. While you might not want to leave the decision entirely up to them — that all-black paint scheme they suggest during their goth phase will be a nightmare to eventually prime and paint over — definitely encourage their feedback. Getting some design books or magazines to look to for inspiration can turn the transformation of their room into a fun project you can bond over.

Add Some Edgy Floor Coverings

Few things change the look of a room like a good rug. Plush wall-to-wall carpeting may have been a necessity when your children were little to keep bumps and bruises to a minimum, but as they get older, that nursery look is unlikely to suit their more sophisticated aesthetic. Even if you’re not eager to tear up your carpets and undertake a major floor refinishing project, adding a few rugs to the space can make all the difference in its vibe. A weathered Persian rug can give a room an upscale bohemian vibe, vibrantly colored kilims can brighten up the space in an instant, and sheepskin rugs can create a funky, retro feel that lends itself to lounging.

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Create A Gallery Wall

The day when you take your kid’s finger paintings down from the fridge can be heart-wrenching, even if you’ve seen it coming for a while. While teens often have their own ideas of how to decorate, unless you’re a huge fan of One Direction posters and neon signs, it’s probably best to come to a compromise about what’s wall-worthy before you bust out the picture hangers. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to create a space that’s both appealing to you and your teen by implementing a gallery wall. Instead of taping posters to the wall and taking down all the things that remind you of their childhoods, get some edgy frames and create a wall of mix-and-match artwork and design pieces that suits their taste. Give their posters some longevity and aesthetic appeal by adding rococo-inspired frames, make their childhood drawings look museum-worthy by having them professionally matted, and add little bits of whimsy in between, like fun stick-on decals.

Upgrade Your Child’s Room

Section Off Some Hangout Space

Your teen’s space is so much more than somewhere to sleep, it’s their refuge from the often-harsh reality of high school life. While some families are lucky enough to live in a building with built-in communal spaces, like the private lounges at 181 Fremont Residences, others will have to make do with creating their own room to hang out. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, adding a bookshelf and a few chairs to your teen’s room can change its functionality in an instant, making part of it a designated hangout space. For those working with more room, screens, half-walls, or even a lofted bed can make a huge difference in the feel and layout of the room.

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Lighten Things Up

While designing a room for a little kid is all about creating the safest space possible, it’s unlikely that you need to be quite as diligent about hiding every electrical cable or banning hanging lights when your child is a teen. If you’re eager to upgrade their space as your child gets older, try swapping out some of the room’s lighting in favor of more grown-up fixtures. If your kid likes a girly look, try adding a colorful mini-chandelier to brighten up the space. If he or she is more into a minimalist aesthetic, rice paper standing lamps can create the zen space they’ve been dreaming of. And if grown-up design that can last into adulthood is more their style, outfit the space with some brushed brass wall sconces and Edison bulbs.

Turning your baby’s room into a space suitable for a teen doesn’t have to be a struggle; a few compromises and the addition of a few timeless pieces will turn that little kid’s room into an age-appropriate and aesthetically pleasing space in no time.

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