When you observe your students on a regular day, you are mesmerized by their creativity and endless inspiration. Nevertheless, things don’t go that effortlessly when you ask them to put that creativity into use and write according to a given prompt. Most of them are blocked even if you don’t assign a prompt and ask them to write whatever comes to their minds. How can you surpass this obstacle?

Writing is not a simple skill to develop. Some students have a natural talent to express their feelings and thoughts in written form, but that doesn’t mean that those who don’t find writing easy are inferior. They only need inspiration. The following online tools will help your students awaken the inner talents.

1. ZooBurst

You’ll be surprised by the effectiveness of this digital storytelling tool, which enables students of any age to create their own 3D pop-up books. The website enables them to enter a creative 3D world that can be customized with different characters, props, and artwork. You can assign these 3D stories as collaboration projects and ask each team to share the book with a hyperlink. Then, the entire class can have fun with the stories.

2. NinjaEssays

Paper writing service NinjaEssays is one of the most recognizable platforms that offer writing assistance. Depending on the project they are working on, the users collaborate with a qualified expert who takes them through all stages of the writing process. When you are not able to provide the support your students need, the professionals at this custom writing service may serve as a temporary replacement.

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Don’t forget to check the website’s blog; it offers awesome advice related to all types of academic writing.

3. Shake Up Learning

This tool is for educators who want to get tips and resources that will help them connect better with students. You will learn all about Google resources related to learning and writing, and you can read great posts in the blog section. When you are looking for a way to connect with your students and inspire them to try harder, this is the website you can turn to.

4. Padlet

Padlet is advertised as “possibly the easiest way to create and collaborate in the world.” In its essence, this is a great collaboration tool that can be used for all sorts of creative projects. Your students can use it to share materials and ideas during team work. The Chrome Extension makes it even more effective.

5. Whooo’s Reading by Learn2Earn

This interactive reading and writing site will make any task you assign less intimidating. The appealing design attracts students to read more. After reading the book, they can answer comprehension questions. You can choose some of the offered questions, but you can also create your own. Then you can comment on the answers and provide scores for each student. The interactive newsfeed displays the books, accomplishments, and comments of all classmates.

6. Lino

This is another collaborative writing tool, similar to Padlet. The note-taking feature is what makes it different; your students can post sticky notes whenever they get an idea for the project. Lino is also great because it reminds its users about important deadlines. The best way to inspire your students to think and write creatively is to create carefully-selected teams and recommend this tool for colorful collaboration.

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7. Kidblog

Wouldn’t you be proud to see your students create their own blog? Kidblog provides space for K-12 students to express their voice. This safe blogging platform can serve as an inspiration for your students to get more creative. Thus, they will become digital citizens within a secure blogging environment that you can monitor at all times.

Your role as a teacher involves more than presenting the lectures and thinking of the perfect assignments. You are supposed to help your students unleash their creativity and canalize it in a proper manner. The 7 tools listed above will help you do that!

Written by:

Robert Morris

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