For humans, pleasure not only lies in earning money and being busy working, but also in entertainment, which includes sound and pictures. Acoustics relates to sound or the sense of one to hear. Acoustic is a Greek word which means the same as being audible.

On the other hand, people get bored if it is only video without any audio. Audio is an entertainment factor and gives liveliness to the surroundings and happenings. Threshold of hearing is the least sound that can be heard by any human. Anything more is bad and worse too. In these present days where industries are as equal as the sweet homes, the audio is no more a pleasant sound. It is a noise which is more than a sound. To reduce the noise is to absorb the sound. Those devices that absorb the annoying sound are called silencers as the name indicates. Silencers are present in many machines or better to say in motors to reduce the outcome noise. Few of them are:

  • Reactive silencers
  • Depressive Silencers
  • Active Silencers

Used in transducers

Transducers are mechanisms used to transform different kinds of energy to another. Transduction processes involve the production of sound wave as an output. To shut down this noise, various acoustic silencers are used. Acoustic silencers are made of galvanized material, mild and stainless steel apart from aluminum.

Galloway Acoustics have accurate information on silencer performance. Straight pipe silencers are mostly used to absorb or at least to reduce the noise coming from a motorized machine. Straight pipe acoustic silencers have technical data that is considered in designing manner like:

  • Total air flow
  • Airflow velocity
  • Total pressure loss
  • Flow diameter

Used to silent electrical appliances

Silencers are also used to mute the noise that comes because of the functioning process of electronics like air-conditioning systems and coolers. The use of acoustic attenuators is a routine of your life nowadays. Straight pipe silencers are made in such a way so as to mute the noise produced by the air in ventilation. They are also used to silence the air conditioners.  The noise is measured in terms of frequencies. In this context the frequencies may range from about medium to a large value. The silencers are placed in equipment’s where a huge noise is produced such as between ventilator fans. They are also placed in exhaust ducts which otherwise create loud noises. It is recommended that airflow speeds do not exceed 12 m/s. The silencers may be installed in horizontal or vertical ducts.

Certified silencers

Silencers that reduce the noise pollution content are certified before using in machines or motors or industries. Hygienic certification given to the acoustic silencers let know the protected nature of the silencers. The outer body of the acoustic silencer is made of galvanized steel sheets. The interior body of the acoustic silencer is made with a kind of material which satisfies sound absorbing nature. As used in industrial applications where they need to carry heat content material most of the times, every newly made acoustic designer should be given a limit on the operating temperature.

Thickness of the walls or the silencer depends on the area for applying the device. Silencers vary as per the diameter of the pipes. For example, a few motor vehicles have silencers that are constructed with more diameter but short length and vice versa in other companies. Acoustic silencers are further studied and modeled to have a spark arrest feature which prevents the ignition to happen by letting out the spark to come’s out for further progress. Acoustic silencers are also used in ventilation systems. Circular shaped as well as rectangular shaped acoustic silencers are available in the market.

So, reduce the emerging radiation noise by acoustic silencers, which are used on a large-scale and in various sectors of society. 

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