According to research and a survey carried out, glitter wallpaper was amongst the top-selling wallpaper products in 2014 (see: It is because of this that the idea of using glitter wallpaper is becoming more popular and more people are choosing to use it in different rooms of their house to create a fresh or quirky look.

In this article we seek to explore how glitter wallpaper can be effective in the room that we are supposed to spend a third of our lives in.

For Children

Glitter wallpaper is ideal for children. For babies and very young children, having glittery walls provides a calming and soothing atmosphere for them to sleep and grow up in. Using neutral and soft colors will often do the trick for this purpose.

For older children, glitter wallpaper can still be an effective tool for their room. Girls often love pink and all that glitter and glitz that comes with this, making it a popular choice. For boys, glitter wallpaper can be used to give the effect of the solar system and the stars / planets. These are two examples of how glitter wallpaper is versatile for any purpose.

Above: Glitter wallpaper providing a tranquil atmosphere for a baby.

For Adults

For many, the idea of glitter wallpaper may sound a bit over the top, but truth is that many different styles can be created to make a perfect look for your sleeping area depending on what you are trying to achieve.

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Maybe you want the whole room glitter, or just a feature wall? Plan and experiment and see what may suit you best. There are a wide range of colors and even grain sizes to help you achieve your desired effect.

Above: An example of glitter wallpaper that would work well in any men’s or women’s room (or joint for that matter.)

Glitter wallpaper CAN be classy. If used to a point it can actually create a grand and very stylish room that you will be proud to sleep in and want to show off. For example, have you thought about using gold and silver colors? These colors are associated with character and provide a rich texture which can give a polished finish to a bedroom. Obviously the general layout and color scheme of the bedroom is important so this needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Perhaps you are a fan of the traditional look in the bedroom and understandably think that glitter wallpaper is a modern idea and so would not work? Don’t be put off and you might actually be surprised! Glitter wallpaper can be used in harmony with tradition or a particular era or style gone by. Remember that styles come and go and often come back into fashion. Having a traditional glittery look, or combining styles may be the key to your interior dreams

Finally to prove the point that glitter wallpaper can work for any tastes, maybe the quirky, bold and jaw dropping look is for you? With glitter wallpaper you will not be disappointed as just as many fancy ranges and styles exist as you can think of. Take a look at these below!

Above: Could you go daring with some of these glitter wallpaper colors?

Glitter wallpaper is like any other wallpaper but with an extra added touch of sparkle which draws the attention. This article has surprisingly demonstrated that there is glitter wallpaper to suit just about everyone’s preference.

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