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Diet pills? Tried them. Surgery? Thought about it. Fad diets? Tried and failed 100 times over! 1 in 5 women have admitted to using diet pills. You’d think that with the whole Ephedrine scare and the recent passing of a young lady as a result of taking diet pills people would stop using them. They haven’t. In fact, more people now than ever are taking diet pills, appetite suppressants, so-called herbal supplements, drinking strange powders mixed with water, and so on. They don’t work. Why? Because we’re too dependent.

We’re so dependent on outside things to help us lose weight, get into shape, and shape up our health that we often don’t see the forest for the trees. We don’t see that these products are not intended to help us nor have they ever. People say “Well I tried eating healthy and I just wasn’t losing weight.” That’s because we don’t want it to work. We don’t want healthy eating to be the reason for our losing weight…because eating healthy doesn’t allow us the junk food that we’ve grown to love so much. The mind is VERY powerful!

It is so powerful that, when used properly, we can change the way foods taste. We can change the way healthy foods affect our weight loss because it is (but not simply; it takes practice) a matter of redirecting our energy. Yes, you can literally think yourself thin! But this isn’t simple. It isn’t simple because it’s more than just repeating “I think I can! I think I can!” It is having faith. Having faith means knowing without a shadow of a doubt of a particular outcome. But many of us doubt. We repeat the “I think I can” speech but don’t truly believe in what we say about our abilities. Faith is NOT saying that you can do something. It’s knowing without a shadow of a doubt and actually being right. Remember, YOU are in control! You steer the ship, here!

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More often than not, we are too dependent on other things to work for us. It’s easier, it’s more efficient, but it’s not better. It’s killing us. Do we not know that the human body is very intelligent? The human body is so intelligent that it recognizes antigens. It recognizes toxins and it begins to fight. That’s because the human body is designed for balance. Therefore, it’s going to attempt to achieve that naturally. More importantly, the human mind is very intelligent. It controls the whole body. Your mind tells your body what to do…not the other way around. So if you make up in your mind that you’re GOING to lose weight, then your body begins making preparations to carry that out. Eating healthy becomes easier because you’ve set the grounding in your mind and you’ve focused your energy on doing such. Healthy foods taste better because you’ve decided in your mind that they’re SUPPOSED to taste better. You’ve accepted the way they taste because you’ve stopped focusing your mental energy on the way junk food tastes…and you’ve begun focusing your mental energy on the fact that healthy foods keep you living and that alone makes them taste better. The mind is just that POWERFUL!

Once you’ve learned how to direct your energy toward proper health, losing weight becomes a cinch. That’s because you’ve made up your mind. 100% dissatisfaction brings about change. We must change the old “I think I can” to “I know I am.” Not “I know I WILL”…because it starts now…right now…Let’s not waste anymore energy on what we wish healthy foods taste like and expend our energy on what is. We create our own realities. Therefore, our ability to lose weight is on us. Let’s not waste anymore energy on depending on someone or something else to help us lose weight. One might say “Well I’m not a doctor.” My question is “Why not?” Why aren’t we doctors? We are healers by nature because the human body is constantly healing. We know what ails us and we know how to find a cure. Some of us just haven’t tapped into that power…but it’s there. And when studying on how to cure ourselves, we must be confident in our own research and have faith in the outcome. I’ve cured many infections this way. I haven’t seen a doctor in years.

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Remember, the Earth is your friend! Your medicine could be growing in your back yard! Use your natural medicines. They won’t fail you if you know how to use them. So to sum this all up, think positive, eat healthy, and get results!

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