You need to see it to believe it! Confused? Don’t be! We are talking about advertisements.

If you know enough about them, then you also would know what type of advertisements have a bigger impact on the consumers. Out of radio, TV, billboards and Hoardings, TV wins the race because, along with amazing visuals, you actually get to know the product and this has better impact on the brain as the visuals are remembered for longer. But with time, every sector needs improvement and better innovation and that is why Vehicle Wraps, these days are all set to rule the market. If we talk about from a business person’s point of view, then following something that is cost effective, easy to understand, have huge impact on users and have less failure rate, would lure the heart most. So in this piece of information, we will talk about why Vehicle wraps are considered better advertising option.

An ad design that is printed on a vinyl wrap, laminated and then wrapped or pasted on the vehicle is known as a vehicle wrap. This can be directly applied on to the vehicle and the precision level is so high that the design sometimes is mistaken as a paint job.

This is why Vehicle Wraps are considered better when it comes to advertising.

Excellent Visibility Medium

As per studies, with the help of a vehicle wrap, one can easily fetch up to 30,000 to 70, 000 views in a day and that is simply great while other TV ads success depends on the fact that how many people are viewing the channel at that time.

People See the AD Even If They Don’t Want To

While watching something on TV or listening to some music on the radio gives one an opportunity to switch to the other channel that might lead to the loss of your message, on the other hand a person who is either stuck in traffic or just passing by the vehicle with an ad, would look at it at least once. Whether they want to or not, your message has been reached.

Exclusive AD Space

You do not need to share your ad space with any other marketer and also no more struggle to get ‘prime’ time ad space. As the wrap will be exclusively yours and will be noticed.

Innovative Concept

As per many studies, it has been concluded that a vehicle wrap with attractive designs and a creative message impacts better and for longer than any other advertising medium. And the best part is – you can do that under a low budget too.


This is going to amaze you! A vehicle wrap can last up to five years, yes that is true! Can you afford any other medium for this much time duration? We don’t think so! All thanks to the vinyl sheet and the lamination with which it is covered.

Easy to Remove and No Damage

The wraps can be easily removed and do not harm the paint of the vehicle provided you get it done right and with the help of a professional.

No doubt, following this technique can be really advantageous for your business and because of these many benefits, many businessmen pay heed to it.

Written by:

Amy Screamer

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