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Building healthy morning habits could kick-start your daily routine, thereby benefiting your general health and productivity. Whilst it might take approximately 40 days to create a new habit, what actually maintains a habit is when we see positive outcomes from it. Most of us know about the benefits of waking up early every day, but not many of us know about the benefits of waking up the same time every day. This article will show you how beneficial this healthy habit is for your overall well-being. Read on below!

Benefits Of Waking Up The

Same Time Every Day

1. Improved Productivity And Concentration

Have you ever had to miss or postpone an appointment or a task as you did not wake up on time? Many of us meet this problem at some point in our lifetime. Especially, if you have trained your body to sleep no less than eight hours per day, it would be hard to force yourself to actively wake up before these eight hours are up. By having a regular wake up time, you will be able to plan your day precisely.

One of most appreciated benefits of waking up the same time every day is improved concentration and productivity. When our body is well rested, it will function optimally. As a result, your memory, concentration and learning capabilities stabilize. Maintaining regular routines also assists you in compartmentalizing tasks that might cause you subconscious stress. Besides, you are less likely to making errors. Error could happen due to fatigue, affecting productivity, mental clarity and motivation. When waking up and going to sleep at the same time daily, your sleep quality will improve. Also, you will feel inspired, alert and invigorated all day long.

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2. Better Digestion

The human body is a biological clock with succession of a circadian rhythm. This circadian rhythm keeps the digestive system as well as metabolism in balance. Once your body is properly rested, your thyroid gland and hormones can function effectively, thereby triggering the hunger along with enzymatic juices which support digestion. Waking up at the same time daily means regularity. It helps remove toxins from the body, maintains both physical and mental health, and keeps your biological rhythm under control.

3. Emotional Stability

A routine is necessary to keep you determined, motivated, and dedicated. This is even more important when your feelings and emotions spill over. Healthy habits keep you continuously focused and stable when coping with challenges and changes in life.

4. Improved Quality Of Sleep

Risers who wake up at the same time daily have well-established sleep routines. It means that they often go to bed early and at the same time daily. As a result, it is easier to build a habit of waking up earlier.

In accordance with sleep experts, it is crucial to build up an appropriate sleep routine to boost your sleep’s quality because it helps to set the internal clock of your body to build up a routine.

5. Increased Immunity

According to the Sleep Foundation, a routine sleeping and waking cycle can impact our immunity directly. The chemical cytokines available in our immune system are strong sleep-inducers and aid in fighting infections. That means sleep might help your body conserve energy as well as other essential resources to mount immune responses and work against disease.

When the digestion, metabolism, excretion and sleep function optimally, it will support your immune system to stay well. Such systems are related directly to your biological clock and circadian rhythm.

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How To Train Yourself For Waking Up At The Same Time Every Day?

In order to train yourself to consistently wake up at the same time daily every morning, you should do it without using any pills. Despite the process sounds torturous at the beginning, it will be easier to practice over time.

Just simply set your alarm clock for a specific time daily, including weekends. It takes lots of self-discipline and persistence from you to do it. However, you should not hit the snooze button, but force your body to get out of bed right after the alarm clock switches off.

If adhering to a specific wake time every morning seems to be a hard task for you, let yourself have 1-2 weeks of consistency in your waking up routine before you make any extra changes to get better sleep. Each body requires different amounts of sleeping hours, so you should be aware of your personal checkpoints. The amount of sleeping hours often ranges from 7 to 9 hours / person / night.

Bear in mind that, instead of making your newly established habit a strict discipline, you should think of them as a healthy lifestyle. It will calm your mind. While the first period might be hard, you will feel benefits of waking up the same time every day in no time. Surely, you will end up feeling more productive and alert in the long-term. Good luck!

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