In recent years, women have been finally given the opportunity to embrace their glorious potential within and work on taking on the world!

Most business women are at the same time wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, entrepreneurs, CEOs… and they have to learn how to juggle it all at once and do it successfully. Sometimes family dinners get canceled for conference calls. Other times you become name partner because people recognized your dedication and hard work. These are all perks of the trade and once you learn to live with them, everything sorts itself out.

For both women and men, image is important, especially if you are running in higher circles. This goes for both social and business gatherings. And while it may sound shallow, when you dress for success – it is likely that success will follow. People are visual creatures and first impressions matter. So do a second. And third.

Here is a helpful tutorial to learn how to make those visual impressions count, over and over again.

1. Know the event

There will always be times when we come either overly dressed up or overly dressed down. And usually this may not be as big a deal if the event isn’t something that’s decisive for your career or your social life. This is why you should always ask about the code and theme of the event you are attending. That way you’ll avoid the embarrassment of showing up in a sequence gown with everyone else in their jackets. The horror!

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2. Know your style

Regardless of the occasion you are dressing up for, it’s important to know who you are when it comes to your style. This way, you will not only turn heads with your amazing take on dressing, but you’ll always know how to land on your feet. Whatever the event is you are attending, you’ll never be running the risk of showing up weirdly dressed but there will always be that something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Plus, the moment you start feeling comfortable in your skin, you’ll look great regardless of what you put on your back.

3. Don’t overdo it

In attempt to look great, we sometimes tend to overdo our outfits. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes ever. In real-life fashion, less is always more. So, next time you browse through your stylish cocktail dresses, don’t mentally pair them up with huge jewelry statement pieces but go for something toned down and simple. Let just one piece of your clothes tell a story.

4. Shop wisely

There are certain (unwritten) rules about items that everyone should have in their closet. Assuming you are a part of the business world, some of the essential items to own are:

—A knee-length LBD (Little black dress)

—A black jacket. If possible, buy one with short and the other one with long sleeves

—Pants. Jeans are okay, however they are a casual event type of clothing, so have a pair that’s suitable for wearing on business meetings

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—Cotton ,V-neck or round-neck shirts to wear underneath the jacket

—Black stilettos (Mind the heel, nothing too high)A knee-length LBD (Little black dress)

5. Mind your head

There is no outfit in the world that will make up for you doing horrors to your face and hair. When attending a gathering, never overdo your make up, unless you are going to a clown convention. Not even then – you don’t want to steal the spotlight. Also, don’t go for crazy hairdos but opt for chick, toned down cuts. This will give you a sophisticated look.

These are some of the essential advice for you to grasp. We have hopefully helped!

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