Whether it is a t-shirt with a statement on, or the one with a random pattern, it must be the part of your everyday wardrobe. The best thing about them is they are never out of fashion and they are the easiest to wear and match. Style them up with jeans, skirts, suits, anything you like and you achieve the ultimate fashionista look. Maybe you do not think that is possible, but when you see all the available combinations and try them on you will definitely change your mind.

Ways to Wear Printed T-Shirts by clothingplanet.com.auHow women can style the shirt up

Nothing will complement a whimsical statement skirt, than a graphic t-shirt. It will make the outfit look staggering. Denim is definitely a classic pairing, but for a little more stylish look tuck in the t-shirt and wear a pair of fashionable heels instead of some casual flats. If you aim for the bold fashion style, try matching the graphic top with a hot red suit. A white t-shirt will provide the perfect contrast to the entire ensemble.

A floral pencil skirt does not have to look too girly if you do not want that, so throw on a t-shirt and a pair of classy sandals and voilà, the ultimate fashionable outfit is made. For a little more edge knot the front and turn it into an easy-going style.

A black leather mini and a pair of edgy heels will give you the perfect after-hours look. A bold graphic tee paired with a pair of denim flares will make the best outfit that will have you ready for the fall. Add a luxe tuxedo blazer to the combination and it will be the perfect way to dress up the jeans.

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A shorts suit and a white sports-inspired tee can be appropriate for both Friday at the office and a happy-hour cocktail later. Style it up with some sandals, a fashionable purse and you are ready to go.

Ways to Wear Printed T-Shirts by clothingplanet.com.auA striped cotton skirt and a pair of wedges alongside a red printed t-shirt is great spring outfit. Experimenting with combining colors is always a lot of fun.

Finally, boyfriend jeans and a black blazer matched with a pair of red pumps and a white t-shirt represents the ultimate fashionable look.

How the shirt will work for men

If you want to achieve an ultimate classic look, pair solid-colored white or grey t-shirts with dark denim or khakis. You cannot go wrong with this one. For some additional style, match crewnecks khakis.

Navy blue t-shirt with simple print or personalized polo shirts would go perfectly with khaki pants. Add navy blue shoes to it and a khaki jacket and you are all styled up. Moreover, pants in light shades with a darker shirt will look much better than wearing blue head to toe.

A well-known rule should be to match the dark-colored t-shirt with a light color of pants, and vice versa. Furthermore, not only pants can be matched with t-shirts but shorts, and jeans as well. Depending on the weather and your personal preferences, match it the way you like.

Ways to Wear Printed T-Shirts by clothingplanet.com.au

If you are a fan of layering, do it with an utmost care. Even though some stylish-looking guys have adopted the combination of sport jacket or a blazer and a t-shirt, many style experts do not quite approve of it. Namely, the jacket seems to be too formal for the highly casual t-shirt. A t-shirt is going under a sport coat, the jacket must be a highly casual one. The texture, soft draping, and natural fabric make the best casual jacket.  On the other hand, a t-shirt will look amazing if incorporated with a leather jacket or a blouson. Even a cardigan sweater makes the perfect addition to a t-shirt.

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Ways to Wear Printed T-Shirts by clothingplanet.com.au

Finally, remember never to tuck your t-shirts in. Whether you like it or not, it will give out the undesired nerdy look.

We are definitely living in the age when fashion is one of the most influential of all industries. The choices are so big it is almost impossible to be innovative and original. However, we are all creative and imaginative enough to think of some new ideas and ways to make a perfect ensemble of our clothes. Use your imagination, and add a touch of our ideas and you will definitely be the trendsetter and an ultimate fashionista for sure.


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