In the recent days, there are various diseases and ailments making their way to people; therefore, ensuring that you are always conscious of your physical condition and what you eat is the answer to staying healthy. Whether you are underweight or overweight, it is important to make sure you always stay fit. Basically, exercise is a must for anyone and everyone.

Allocating at least twenty to thirty minutes for exercise every day could be the answer to saving yourself from the risk of contracting various life-threatening diseases. It is also important to improve your physical fitness by consuming healthy foods such as super juices for weight loss.

It is important that you engage in workouts that will make you stronger and burn more calories at the same time. In every activity you undertake, it is best to keep revisiting your plans to decide whether you are making any progress and make the necessary revisions and adjustments. During your weight-loss and fitness journey, make sure you put in place proper measures to guide you and check your performance throughout the entire process. Here are 5 ways to evaluate your entire weight loss process.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

With technological advancements, there are various tools that has been designed and developed to help you keep record and evaluate your weight loss process. Body mass index is a tool designed to measure your body fat capacity based on your height and weight. Using this tool, you can effectively decide whether you are underweight, overweight or obese.

Although these tools are expensive to buy, you can visit your nearest health center that has one of these tools to regularly check on your progress. According to specialist and doctors, these tools are very important for your weight loss process evaluation because they do not only give weight loss results, but these results are based on your height and weight; thus, producing results based on how fit you should be.

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The Bathroom Scale

weight loss process

For people who have difficulties accessing their body mass index, the bathroom scale is the best option because it is cheap and you can check on your weight loss process as you wish. According to fitness specialists, it is important to merge this method with other methods to get precise results of your weight loss progress because the bathroom scale is only based on your weight. But it is very effective in evaluating and determining your weight loss on the daily basis.

Circumference Measurement

weight loss processIt is very important to arm yourself with the cheap and obvious tools that help you in evaluating your weight loss process. Circumference measures are some of the cheapest weight loss measurement tools that are good in measuring your progress. Although this tool cannot produce precise and best results on its own, it is very effective in helping you keep the record of your weight loss process through visible characteristics.

The method involves, measuring the width of your hips, waist and abdominal girth on a daily basis. This definitely helps you in keeping a record of your progress to make proper and minor adjustments where necessary. Using the circumference measurement, you are able to show whether you have gained weight, lost weight, gained muscle or lost muscle. But you have to merge this method with other methods of evaluating your weight loss process to get precise results.

Fitness Apps

weight loss processFitness apps are other products of the recent global technological advances that are very helpful in keeping record and evaluating your weight loss process.

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There are various types of apps that you can install on your phone to guide you through your daily activities such as diet apps and exercise quantity and frequency apps. These apps came to take over manual journals. In addition, the apps contain more informational about exercises and dieting that are very helpful for your weight loss process. Since they update themselves automatically over the internet, you are able to receive the latest news and products to help your weight loss process.

Keeping a record of your progress is very important to help you in evaluating and making appropriate adjustments where necessary through your weight loss process.

The Fit of your Clothes

weight loss processUsing your clothes to measure your weight loss progress is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to keep a record of the success of your weight loss process. You are bound to wear your clothes on the daily basis; therefore, a slight stretch or shrink of your body will be felt through clothes.

If your clothes get too tight you are definitely enlarging, meaning you are adding more weight but when they start sagging; you are shrinking, meaning that you are losing weight.

According to the specialists, it is important to merge the fitting clothes method with other weight loss progress measurement methods to realize the precise results of your weight loss progress.


With the increased global awareness on the excess body weight negative health implications, most people are now taking measures to control and tone their weight to avoid the risks of contracting various chronic diseases. It is important to keep track and record your weight loss process to check and find your progress on the entire process. Keeping a record is very important because it helps you make appropriate adjustments to your plan to realize the most effective and realistic results at the end of the entire process.


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