Renovating your kitchen can be a confusing task if you are thinking to replace your kitchen bench tops along with cabinets, or appliances, as there are multiple choices available these days as far as bench tops are concerned. If you think of granite bench tops, then you can be assured of the durability and elegance of the look. It comes out to be the best choice for the bench tops.

Qualities of Granite

Granite is an igneous rock which is coarse-grained and also hard. It is one of the most attractive options for bench tops and is also used for construction purposes. As this is a natural product, so it comes in a variety of natural colors that only adds to the charm of this stone. Granite is also long-lasting apart from being beautiful and time-less. This, if used as bench tops, is not only gives an aesthetic appeal but also creates a warm ambiance in the whole kitchen. It is available in multiple colors ranging from extremely black to light neutrals. Being versatile, this seems to be apt for kitchen bench tops.

Qualities of a Granite bench top

As we know that granite is one of the hardest wearing stones, and does not scratch easily if used as a kitchen bench top, so no need to worry even if you place hot utensils on this or it gets scratched by sharp knives. Even if you spill substances like alcohol or acid you can relax as this is resistant enough. But you need to know that hot cooking oil or wine or even beetroot can cause stains on the granite bench tops, that is, if they are left unattended for too long, then they can cause stains on the granite. So, you need to wipe this off immediately. With granite of lighter shades, you might find a slight darkening if there is water left standing for a long time, but it fades away once the water dries out.

Caring for the Granite bench top

Cleaning it every day with a damp cloth and warm soapy water is a convenient method. You also have the option of using a good quality spray along with a wipe cleaner. You can also polish this with aerosol polishes. Caring for granite bench tops is easy and it seems a wise option for bench tops.

Finishes and Joins of Granite bench tops

As granite is not man-made, the bench tops might require some joins. You should make sure the bench top made of granite does not have more than required joins and these should be placed in positions which are least obvious. You also need to make sure that these joins are small; say about 2mm works out fine. These joins should be leveled out so that the transition from one piece to the other one is smooth. You need to check that these joins are filled with special colored glue that matches the granite. You have the option to choose between the polished surface or the honed finish, the only difference being the fully polished one is made by using water and different grades of diamonds giving a mirror finish, and the honed surface is similar but with only ยพ polish giving a surface which is matte and soft.

Sealing of Granite Bench tops

These bench tops made of granite have a penetrating sealer applied in the factory and also during installation. This solution which is watery is convenient to apply periodically and is able to soak into the pores. This can ensure that the granite bench tops are in a good condition for a long period of time and can prevent any damage. This sealer is able to clog the pores in the granite bench tops which allow you to timely clean up any spills. So, catch the good deal for Granite Bench tops that strive to bring uniqueness through a slab of stone.

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