God has given five senses to human beings and the most important is the Brain. We, normal alive humans, think 24 hours but only few of us convert their thoughts into words. These words when joined together make sentences and the joining of sentences make phrases and then a complete write-up. The utmost importance of any write-up is to ensure that the reader must be benefited and enjoyed with the intended purpose of the writing which is only possible when you can provide them with error free and 100% readable content. Therefore, it is really important that the proofreading techniques be implemented before letting your readers go through your stuff.

Significance of Proof Reading

There are many steps involved from writing to printing and finally the publication of any article and in between these, one and most necessary step is proofreading that must never be ignored. Following are the important points a Proofreading process can cover:

  • Ensure coverage of main topic
  • Add up the missing points (if left)
  • Remove grammatical and technical errors
  • Use of variety of word classes
  • Ensuring structural writing order

Cover ups of Missing

Sometimes, when we convert our thoughts into words, there might be a chance of a pause, a break, mess-up of different ideas, irrelevant information and the cluster of words in a single item which can create a big confusion for readers. As brain is a center of human body, it can concentrate on multiple and diverse ideas, but whenever we write them, there must be coherence and integrity in your thoughts. These flaws and errors will be covered while we proofread the article or piece of writing.

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Correct The Grammar

Whenever a writing piece is presented in front of any observer, native writer, interviewers, HR officer, publisher, the very first error they look into your writing is the use of grammar. Incorrect use, absence of punctuation’s, missing articles, preposition all language inconsistencies will diminish an essence, flavor and color in your writing. However, proofreading brings all these parameters in the write-up. On repeated reading of same text loudly, you will have the chance to mark the errors whether grammatical or other language inconsistencies and you may edit it easily before its finalization.

Use of Variety of Words

The lack of reading in our generation creates a deficiency in variety of words, as we have limited vocabulary in our mind. When we read a paragraph with full focus, we come to know that there is repetition of words and it brings boredom and lose our interest in that particular piece. Always try to have an euphemistic approach, use a variety of words. The novelty in your idea will be more publicized and plus marks if you present it in a more decent and appropriate means by using correct English.

Structural Order of Writing

In order to deliver your complete message to the recipient without the visual aid, one has to be very concise, focused, positive, composed and formatted. The structure of the writing should be in accordance with the general rules having the introductory section, then the summary followed by the detail or descriptive paragraph, supporting details and at last the conclusion along with the measures to be taken for future outcomes and goals.

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Final Words

We have described briefly major criteria for being a good proofreader and hope that this information will assist you in your future writings. If you have been missing proofreading process in your previous writing projects, you must have seen consequences in form of little or no appreciation at all. Therefore, if you really want to do something different this time, you must try the above discussed steps.

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